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No description

Jaimey Martinez

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Brazil

ARTS AND CULTURE BRAZIL HISTORIC SITES Christ the Redeemer Statue. The statue was on top of the Corcovado Mt. since 1931. It's 38m.[98ft.] FOOD This a Brazilian meal that they might eat at home or at a fast food restaurant. This is a painting of different things like the flag and pictures of a statue Accommodations This is a resort where tourists can stay at. In Brazil This is one of Brazils hotels you can stay at if you go and visit and if you have no where else to go you can stay here. This is a very old castle from Brazil. Outdoor Recreation This is a outdoor in Brazil but this isn't a real picture this is a painting. This is a place where people go and vistit This is the Brazil flag made out of food. This is one of Brazils meals that they eat at restraunt.
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