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My Holiday

On my holiday I went to Korea to take a nose surgery.It wasnt nice, It hurted alot!!!!!!! Well there was lots of great things I did not expect.

Hyo Kwon

on 8 April 2010

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Transcript of My Holiday

My break at korea!!!! At the holiday I had to take a surgery so I went to Korea. When I was doing it I could smell my skin (nose) burning like a meat burning. (It was suppose to smell because they burnt my skin (nose)) They put in looooong tools in my nose. It hurted aloooot!!everyday I had to go to the hospital to check my nose.they ripp a little of my skin inside my nose. that hurted very much. Me and my mom met my moms friend
so we ate lunch (which is spaghetti)
together. It taste great! and then Me
and my mom went to
the theater to watch alice
in wonderland. I think
some parts were violent
but some parts were really funny. I wanted to buy a lego so my mom bought me one. Yahoo!!! It was really fun making it. there was a sharkman and a scuba diver on a ship. It was a new edition called atlantis. It was a normal sized one.I bought another lego! A bigger one!!!
when I was making it myarms hurt badly!!!!
It was called the battle of endor. the Box was really big that the normal size is only 1/4 of the big one!my uncle bought me a very small lego atlantismbecause we did not have any space to take the lego. the lego was 1/6 smaller than a normal size one. It only took me less than
5mins to make it! Noooo!!! It was time to go back
to china I really did not one to
go but we had to go. The day was
sunday I dont thing mom wanted to
go too. I bought a nintendo game
called Rhythm world (in korea)it's
a really funny game!!!!! It's
all about rhythm.
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