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20 Things About Me

No description

katie sumpter

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of 20 Things About Me

20 Things
About Me By K. Sumpter I was born in Kansas City Missouri My favorite candy is Chocolate My favorite pop is
cherry coke My favorite sport
is Soccer If i could do anything
for one day....I'd read My Best friends are Jaycee, Chloe, Cara, Lauren and Michaela i want to live in New
York City I have 4 dogs. Mine is Ginger Summer is my favorite
Season My favorite color is blue
My favoritestores are
Barnes and Noble, and Aerie The chiefs are my favorite
NFL team Spaghetti is my favorite
food. I love going water
skiing I like running I did RAGBRAI in 2009 My favorite animals are frogs My favorite show is 24 My favorite board
game is Monopoly Paramore, the Beatles and Lifehouse
are my favorite bands
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