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Brady Erickson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Atmosphere

the atmosphere By: Brady ERICKSON and Andrew Iverson The Troposhere Every one kilometer increase in altitude the air gets about 6.5 degrees C cooler. Water at the top of the troposphere forms thin, feathery clouds of ice All of the earth's weather occurs in this layer including tornados, hurricanes, thunder storms, and airplains fly around in the troposphere. The thickness of the troposphere varies form 16km. above the equater to less then 9km. above the north and south pole. This is the only layer with weather.
This is the first layer. Make sure you pack extra layers and a rain coat just in case. We will start our trip at the NASA Space Station. The Stratosphere The lower Stratosphere is -60 C, so make sure you pack something to stay warm. You will get to take it off shortly because the upper stratosphere is warmer. The stratosphere extends from the top of the troposphere to 50km. above the earth. The ozone is the biggest hazard in this layer. Aircrafts also fly in here so look out and make sure you bring a oxygen tank and a gas mask. The stratosphere is the layer where all green house gases are. This is the second layer andrew an The Mesosphere Thee Mesosphere begins 50km. above earth and ends 80km. above earth. In the outer Mesosphere the temp reaches somewhere around -90 degrees C. Bring a coat an dress warm. Meteroids burn up in this layer....... LOOK OUT! When meteroids burn up the look like falling stars. This is the third layer in the atmosphere.
The Thermosphere This layer is very thin. Begins at 80km. above earth and has no definite limit. The air is .001% as dense as the air at sea level. This is the 4th layer in the earths atmosphere. Dangers in this layer are satelittes orbiting earth. this trip is for people over the
age of 12 and we will take the
first 20 people For this trip you will need oxygen tubes, extra underwear, ultra shades, sun block, and rain coat or seven.
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