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How to Make Your House Burglar Proof

All About Brooke Ahrens- I used this presentation as an icebreaker to introduce myself to my classes this year.

Matthew Gloria

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of How to Make Your House Burglar Proof

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Peter is a Marine I I love to read... vampires now Burglars are going to look for the easiest houses to break into. Most burglaries happen during the day while you're out, or while you're on vacation. The trick is to make it very difficult to break into your house, or to make them think you're home when your on vacation. However, if someone is determined enough, they ARE going to get into your house, no matter what you do... so get insurance. Also, if you have an alarm system- make sure you set it! Check and see what kind of response times your alarm company has and how quickly they contact the police. First off, do the obvious. Make sure ALL your windows and doors, including second floor windows, are locked, even if you're leaving just for a minute. Check all your locks and make sure they work and the screws are tight. Make sure to use your deadbolts as well. Don't leave ANY windows open ANYWHERE. Make sure to lock your garage. Secondly, if you have privacy bushes around your house, I'd suggest removing them or putting in bushes that would be truly painful to crawl through (something with nasty thorns). Otherwise you're just making something convenient for burglars to hide behind while they're breaking in. Make sure there's nothing available in a shed that could be used to climb the house or break into the house (like a ladder!). Install motion sensor lights in your back and front yard. You may want to get a timer for lights inside as well when you go on vacation. Don't let your mail or newspapers build up while you're gone, have a neighbor collect them for you. DO NOT let your children post on their my space or tell their friends you will be gone for vacation because someone will find out and know they can crash at your house for a few days. Teenagers commit alot of break-ins and they usually go right for your food and alcohol. If you have a fenced in yard, make sure it's something that isn't easily accessible. Make sure it's tall, you can't climb it, and that you can't open the gate from the front. Privacy is good to have but also makes it nice for burglars. If you have a back door make sure to secure it more than the front. Put a deadbolt, chain-lock, whatever. A burglar will kick in your door to get in, but they will be more likely to kick in a garage door or a back door where they won't be seen. They will kick in your front door if they're determined enough to get in. Most burglaries start with a burglar throwing rocks through a glass door or window and then crawling in or reaching inside to undo the lock. This is usually done during the day when most neighbors won't be at home to hear it. The only solution I have come up for this is a product called "Shatter Safe". Shatter safe is a film that bonds to your window and makes it so that if it's hit, it will break, but it will stay in tact in your window. They can hit it multiple times and the window will not come out. Hopefully, between the good locks and the shatter safe film, it will be enough to deter a burglar looking for an easy target. See tips for their website. For your vehicle- do not leave anything in your car that's worth stealing- or looks like it's worth stealing. Take out your stereo, lap top, etc. Make sure to lock the car! Don't leave your windows down even a little! I know this seems obvious but it happens all the time. You can buy the Shatter Safe film for car windows as well since most burglars will just break a window out to get at what they want. How to Make Your House Burglar Proof Matthew Gloria
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