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LOD Specification Revealed

Developing a design model is just the tip of the iceberg...how can you share your model reliably?

James Vandezande

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of LOD Specification Revealed

Under the surface
Tip of the Iceberg
You developed a design with BIM...now what?
How can we define a "BIM?"
Levels of Development
LOD 100
Real World Applications
How can you share the model reliably?

Level of Development Framework (AIA) +
LOD Specification (BIMForum)

What is the owner expecting when asking for BIM?
How much information needs to be in a model?
How much effort will it take? (services/fees)
How do I know I'm meeting my deliverables?
Who's going to rely on it and for what purpose?
Typical Response: Disclaimer
The model looks great so you view it, but you can't use it or rely on it for anything, which includes, but is not limited to...everything.

If you use it anyway, then you will pay my lawyers anything they want if I get sued based on your use of the model for anything.

Have a nice day!
Some of it's not reliable, so you can only rely on
- what I say you can
- to the degree of precision I specify
Conceptual Elements
LOD 200
Generic Assemblies
LOD 300
Specified Assemblies
LOD 400
Detailed Components
LOD 350
Actual Assemblies
LOD 200
LOD 100
LOD 350
LOD 300
Salvador Dali Museum - St. Petersburg, FL
LOD 200
LOD 300
LOD 400
US Army Corps of Engineers
"Minimum Modeling Matrix (M3)"
Dept of Veterans Affairs
"Object Element Matrix"


Real World

There's no such thing as a "LOD--- model"
No strict correspondence between LOD's and design phases
Level of "detail" is not level of "development"
LOD Spec is a reference - like a dictionary
LOD Validation
Revit +
Assemble -or- Solibri
Define required LOD in Excel
Import to Assemble Systems
Update current LOD in Revit
Validate Current LOD to Required LOD
For the design team...
For the builder...
For the owner...
Example: light fixture
100 = Cost assumption or non-descript object (light fixture)
200 = Generic type (pendant)
300 = Design specified, lamping/lumens, preferred model
350 = Actual model, Lightolier PDA12345
400 = 350 + all mounting/installation detail
Images from "Theme Park Adventure"
'Executive summary' of selected BIM uses
Choose model reliability
BIM / Digital Data Exhibit
AIA E203
BIM Protocol Form
AIA G202
Details of selected BIM uses
'BIM Execution Plan'
Model Element Table
LOD Specification
How Do You Use the LOD Spec?
Is the Devil in the Details?
Exploring the BIMForum
LOD Specification
Download the spec at BIMForum.org/LOD
In other words:
Some of it's not reliable,
so don't rely on any of it.
Specified-Reliance Approach
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