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economics project

No description

Bethany De Block

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of economics project

We understand the daily struggles, therefore we know exactly how and what we need to guarantee our store a success. It's time girls with these problems stop worrying thanks to our store, Lank Life, designed by tall girls for tall girls. UGLY Of course there are other stores available for the abnormally tall female, but their clothes are not stylish, and look like this: Luckily for us, we understand what tall girls need to feel comfortable, and will provide just that. The days of struggling are OVER. No matter how tall, we promise a size will always be available no matter what. Now you can be tall AND stylish!!! LANK LIFE Clothing for the Tall Girl Jeans Boots Bathing Suits Tshirts Yoga pants Shoes Sweaters Shorts Skirts Long sleeves WE HAVE IT ALL!!! Dresses Ex: cute clothes designed to fit 36 inch long legs and extra lanky arms The struggles the tall girl faces are very stressful and require dedication while shopping. However, Lank Life is designed ONLY for tall girls, so goodbye stress! We know exactly who our target market is, and what to sell.
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