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Judaism in Medieval Europe

Judaism in Medieval Europe

Sophie Haeuber

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Judaism in Medieval Europe

Judaism in Medieval Europe The Jewish World Anti-Semitism History Types of Judaism Ashkenazim Sephardim Persecution Accused of poisoning wells - cause of disease (Black Plague, etc.)
- 1300's
Accused of ritual murder(blood libels against Jews)
seen as enemies because they rejected Christ
lost homeland = judgement of God (Christian Faith) Special Clothing
Badge (oval to star - related to Holocaust)
Use of color yellow to distinguish Jews

Exclusion of Jews from the feudal/manorial systems Yiddish
France, Germany, Eastern Europe
Spain, Portugal (Sephardim); North Africa, Middle East (Mizrachim) Hatred/Prejudice of Jews, belief that the Jewish people is inferior (morally and physically) Avoid Christian association with Jews Punishments 1290 - England
1306/1394 - France
1492 - Spain
1497 - Portugal
1540 - Naples
1550 - Genoa/Venice
1582 - Holland
Burned at stake Explusion Termination of civil rights
Demand of conversion
Burning of sacred books/houses - synagogue
Threatening of rabbis
Travel/Passports forbidden
Usury - money taken away Pogroms Ghettos
(Getos) Orthodoxism

Strict dietary laws
Sabbath (cannot work on the seventh day)
Traditional Dress - Orthodoxism Over 4,700 Jews in a 7-acre Roman Jewish Ghetto Not allowed to leave their home Jews' special quarters in the Middle Ages Had to pay Catholic officials Scapegoat Ghetto Ruins Most Jews became moneylenders Work in industry and trade formed link between peasents and nobility The few good things that were done for them: Protected by church from compulsory conversion Sicut Judaeis Pope Innocent the Third = against blood libels - 1199 Special pointed hat worn by Jews Shtreimel
(modern clothes) Left Israel when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem Jews killed in organinized massacres Less seperation between social classes Decline of feudalism Also...
Special taxes
Denied right to own land Crusades Massacres of Jews Blamed for death of Jesus Jewish martyrdom Blood libel = excuse to kill Jews Pretended conversion Marranos (= Jews) Spanish Inquisition Torture to force confessions Israel = 'spiritual homeland' of Jews Occupation - moneylending/banking
Jerusalem = center of three major religions Original contributer to anti-semitism Islam Judaism Christianity Persecution in Spain/Portugal Conditions:
Segregated by Sophie and Alex Usury - act of lending money at a very high interest rate
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