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Copy of Pfizer

Professional Selling Skills and Sales Performance

Suliman Alhajri

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Pfizer

Pfizer make a new concept of future Office where they can connect their all offices around the world with each other and Where any staff of the office can communicate, share information with another staff from One office to another office around the world) by Pfizer is good decision taken by Pfizer Senior director Jordan Cohen
Structural implication
Yes its possible
Flexible Work Arrangements
Arrangement with other types ?

Organizational structure is the formal arrangements of jobs within anorganization. When mangers develop or change the structure they’reengaged in organizational design. The challenge for managers is todesign an organizational structure that allows employees to effectivelyand efficiently do their work
Key Challenges
American multinational pharmaceutical company
The largest pharmaceutical by its revenue of 67,932$ billion and ranked 40th in the Fortune 500 ranking 2012
Develops and produces medicines and vaccines
A little bit of history
Founded by Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhard in 1849
Acquisition of other pharmaceutical companies such as Warner-Lambert (2000), Pharmacia (2003), Wyeth (2009) and King Pharmaceuticals (2010)
Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical R&D in the industry
Bachelor’s degree + 5 or more years experience

Conceptual and consultative strategic selling

Strong emotional intelligence

Knowledge of patient flow and treatment

Knowledge of reimbursement issues
Direct selling experience of medical devices

Negotiation with executive administration levels

Achievement of sales plans

Relationship management, strategy development, problem solving, change management skills

Professional and positive approach

Use of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and other related software

Team work, dynamism, good relationship building

Strong oral and written communication skills

CRM knowledge
Forecasting Accuracy

Tight Budget Controls 

Creative Business Development

Thorough Business Planning
Being in Touch With The Retail Reality

Strong Customer Relationships 

Brand Knowledge 

Fact Based Selling
Hospital Account Manager
Fundamental knowledge about medical products, selling and administration

Aware of latest date and news of Pharmaceutical field, competitors and market

Degree in Pharmacy, Biology or other medical specialty
Communication, consultative selling, handling objections, negotiation skills

Team player

Fundamental Accounting

Organizational skills
Sales expertise and managing

Sales programming 

Sales with responsibilities

Competition Focused 

Interpersonal Effectiveness
Communication skill
Medical Representative
Communication and interpersonal skills

Motivate sellers, improve them

Selling skills


Good knowledge of Microsoft Office
Bachelor's degree

Experience of at least years in sales

Good knowledge of the industry
Align Strategies


Coaching style of management

Motivation Assessment

Manage budgets

Be persuasive

Integrity and Trust

Regional Sales Manager

Competition from generic drugs

Battle against counterfeited drugs

Protection of intellectual property
Key Success Factors
Cost Control

Working with Health Care Professionals
So after all what do consumers want from Pfizer?
•Cutting-edge medicines

•Reliable drugs

•Premium advice

•Customer-focused spokespersons
What makes Pfizer Special
Pfizer is the world’s largest research-based pharmaceuticals firm and also a well known Pharmaceutical company. So their most of the work depends on research, developing Strategies and innovate. They were trying to find a new way of system which makes their Work more effective and efficient.
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