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MS ORCH - Reflections on Free Practice time;12/17/11

Student where given 50 minutes to practice solo and ensemble pieces of their own choosing. They reflected on the process and compare likes and dislikes

Kelly BUrgess

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of MS ORCH - Reflections on Free Practice time;12/17/11

Objective: Students will be able to select a piece or pieces of music to practice alone or with another person and practice uninterupted for 50 minutes. Afterwards, students will compose a brief reflection of the merits of the piece and the process of collaboration What will you do today? Reflect ON:
your music- likes/dislikes & Why
process of collaboration? Challenges? Positives?
What would you change about how you worked on the piece?
List 3 things you could improve about you playing
List the title of your piece. always have a goal if you worked with someone, expound on the... Finally, think about.... did you learn something today...about yourself? Now it's time to "Practice We're talkin' bout practice" Tick.Tock.Etc ?
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