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6.05 Economics Project

No description

Christina Sabisch

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of 6.05 Economics Project

6.01 Affects on the Economy
Air Pollution: Circular Flow Diagram
6.02 Criteria for Potential Solutions
6.03 Solutions and Alternatives
1.What can we do to address this issue?
6.05 Final Project - Analysis
Regulating Laws - This meets my desired criteria, it is inexpensive, requires only the support of the community and requires no intense labor.
Renewable Resources - This does not meet my criteria because this would require a large amount of money and international trade which can be very difficult.
Use of Hybrid Cars - this does not meet my criteria either due to the large amount of money and the labor and support it would require.
6.05 Economics Project
Christina Sabisch

Our Local Residents
AIr pollution can affect residents because it causes many health problems by inhaling the toxic carbon monoxide poison. Minor issues can be classfied under migranes, vertigo, lightheadedness, naceousness ect. Serious issues are considered to be cancers, depression, severe effects to the fetus of pregnant women and trouble breathing.
In order for solutions to take place the need for government assistance will need to take place. Renewable resources, heating systems and vehicles are costly, having the assistance of the goverment would be needed to set all these actions in place.

International Trade
International trade systems are an important factor to setting in place the need for new technology. Trading with foreign countries to acquire resources such as hybrid cars, new heating systems and renewable resources would need to be imported from other coutries.

My most important solution is to reduce the use of motor vehicles that use fossil fuels. The reduction of the use of motor vehicles will help to cleanse the atmosphere. With this solution car dealerships and automotive businesses would loose income.

Resources, Goods, Services and Finances
Atmospheric pollution has contaminated, foods and drinking water. Companies are permitted to release a regulated amount of emissions for operation. Relying on renewable resources will force us to budget our money and the governments, but the affect has lasting benefits.
1.What are the necessary conditions for any possible solution to work?
Necessary conditions for a solution to work is money, resources, patience, workers and governmental support.
2.Are there budget or labor concerns?
Yes, with any project and solution there are labor and budget concerns that are needed to carry out the solution.
3.Does the public need to be aware of and support the solution?
Of course! With such an important step forward the only way for the solution to take place to better the community has to have the community support.
4.What challenges are there to implementing each solution?

In implementing my solution comes challenges such as funds, time, labor, workers, support and creative minds.
5.How else might you judge possible solutions against each other?
I would judge possible solutions against each other by their positives and negatives. Basing it also upon the criteria of its long term benefit, expenses and support.

6.What do your parents/others in the community say about the issue?
My parents and those in the community say this is a rising problem and needs a solution before the damage is irreparable.
We can do our part by raising awareness of the issue, contributing to the efforts of renewable resources, supporting regulations and trying our best personally to help improve the condition of the atmosphere.
2.What can others do?

Others can do their best to help the atmosphere by reducing their use of emmisions by riding bikes, walking ect.
3.Are there multiple perspectives on the best way to address the problem?
Yes, there are several different perspectives and takes we can have on the problem and finding it's solution, non of the ideas are wrong we just want the best solution.
4. What positive or negative externalities does this issue present at each sector of the economy?
Due to the fact there is increasing problems with air pollution financial markets, business firms and product markets can suffer. The cost to make efficient hybrids or new air systems is expensive and the lack of knowledge weather people will invest their time and money into the product of the business is a negative.
5. What are the externalities, both positive and negative, that could result from each possible solution?
Regulating laws – better for the environment but people could not support the passing of the law. Hybrid Vehicles –better for the atmosphere but can be costly for consumers and producers. Renewable Resources - long term solution but is very costly.
In conclusion, I chose Regulating Laws as my solution to helping reduce the carbon minoxide in the atmosphere. Reasons being is this is inexpensive and with the support of the community we can change what people can and cannot due which will help to make the world a better place. Change starts somewhere and we have to make that step forward.
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