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Pharmaceutical Industry Analysis

No description

vikas Agrawal

on 8 February 2012

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Transcript of Pharmaceutical Industry Analysis

Scenario Analysis (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Scenario 1 Innovation
Trust Recommendation
Innovative Process Improvements to reduce the cost Research Funds
Public and Private patnership Let’s
money Threats
Generic Drug Market
Low cost models
High Treatment and High Innovation Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 4 Hostility towards drug companies Access to Brains and Capital

Focus on building trust Lawsuits, Public Campaigns
Goodbye Relation between universities and companies Low Treatment and Low Innovation Integration
Balance Recommendation
Optimization of dosage
New technologies to increase efficiency
and Safty Threats
Consumer confidence Low
New ventures from universities

Come on People Focus on performance improvement Low Treatment and High Innovation Braaains High Treatment and Low Innovation Healthcare Ecosystem and Pharmaceutical
Scenario Analysis Team Members Olabanji Bamgbade
Emeka Odenigbo
John Cranshaw
Vikas Agrawal Thank You Lack of technical knowledge Recommendation
Brains- Problem Solving, curosity

Focus on niche markets to add value Safety and efficiency

Quality of innovation--
Search for alternatives Search for alternatives Alternative treatments Threats
Generic Drug Market

Cost of production Recommendation



State of Art technologies
Metabolic Network Profiling
RNA interference
Manage Research Develop Product Manage Supply Chain Perform Managed Healthcare service Manufacture Product Perform Marketing and Sales A typical Value chain for a pharmaceutical company Recommendations Government Grants Protect intellectual property Value Chain Innovation
Social Awareness
Strong bond with universities Acceptance of pharma treatment Education Metabolic Network Profiling RNA inference Outsource to smaller pharma companies Regulatory Section Market Section Competition 3 D Analysis Strategic Stake Holder Analysis Pharmaceutical Group Global R&D One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world

5 of world’s top-selling medicines
9 are #1 in their therapeutic class in the U.S. market
8 of the medicines will earn revenues of more than $1 billion globally Pfizer
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