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By the Great Horn Spoon

No description

Raymond Huang

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of By the Great Horn Spoon

The climax of the story is that Cut-Eye-Higgins dies and they have to dig his grave but when Jack and Praiseworthy were digging they found big lumps of gold in the ground.
Jack- 12 year old boy from Boston
Praiseworthy- Jack's loyal companion/butler
Aunt Arabella- Jack's aunt
Cut-Eye Higgins- A dentist and judge
Mountain Ox- a strong man whom praiseworthy beat
Constance and Sarah- Jack's sisters
Captain Swain- captain of the ship Jack and Praiseworthy sailed on
Pitch-Pine-Billy- a kind miner
The setting of the story takes place in the California Gold Rush 1849.
By the Great Horn Spoon!
The plot of the story is that jack and his butler Praiseworthy has to save his aunt house by trying to find gold in California.
The authors name is Sid Fleischman. He was born in Brooklyn New York in 1920 March 16. He moved to San Diego when he was 2. He published his first book when he was 19 called Between Cocktail. His college career was interrupted by World War 2 he served as a destroyer escort in the Pacific. He had a wife and 3 children. His wife died in 1993. Later he died in March 17, 2010.
The conflict of the story is Jack has to find the money thief that stole there money and save his Aunts House.
Jack and Praiseworthy are forced to stow away in a boat because someone stole there money in the large crowed docks, later they meet Captain Swain also known as the Bully of the Seas. On the ship there is a pig that can deduce the identity of the "cut-pulse" who stole your money. The money thief was Cut-Eye-Higgins and was sent to the coal furnaces.
The theme of the story is try and you will succeed.
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