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TeachMeet London

TeachMeet London presentation showcasing resources from the ICTmagic website.

Martin Burrett

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of TeachMeet London

http://infuselearning.com An amazing site which allows educators to poll and collect information from their students and give out images, links and more. Pupils sign into a room using a number. The site uses html and works on most devices, including mobile phones. See more presentations like this at http://j.mp/CPDmagic A collection of Resources for http://ictmagic.wikispaces.com http://twitter.com/ICTmagic By Martin Burrett Play virtual instruments online.
Hit the 'pro' setting to use your computer keyboard to play Share the link with others to allow up to four 'musicians' to play together in real time. http://jamwithchrome.com http://www.visualead.com This site makes it easy to create images merged with QR codes. It's great for creating stylish interactive logos or add QR links or info to photos. Just choose an image, enter the QR code details, drag into place and download the result. Make images like this Can you go to http://infuselearning.com now on your computer/mobile for the next interactive demonstration If you have Google Chrome, please open it now for the next site. http://gifgear.com Make animated GIF files with this easy to use GIF creator. Just upload your images to make a sequence and add effects. http://muzy.com/apps Design a photo collection using the 'PhotoBox' tool which uses a range of templates by uploading images or finding photos lots of places online. Make a mini poster with the 'Thoughts' app. Design a 'verses' poster where you set two things side by side. You can also make collages, photo piles, edit images with PicMonkey and many more. This is a wonderful photo designer site with a range of web apps. http://www.projectnoah.org/education Keep your class motivated and reward them for all their good work and effort with this is behaviour management tool where teachers can award virtual badges for anything. Choose from a large collection of badge designs. The children can see their progress with their own personal login. http://classbadges.com A great citizen science site where users can upload and view photos of animals or use the free Apple device and Android Apps. It's a great way to do real science with what you already have in class. Check out the education section for more ideas. View this presentation at http://twitter.com/ICTmagic http://ictmagic.wikispaces.com http://bit.ly/CPDmagic 23942
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