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Event Driven Programming

What is event driven programming.

James Killick

on 17 July 2011

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Transcript of Event Driven Programming

Event Driven Programming Today Define Event Driven Programming Explain the features of Event Driven Programming Discuss an Operating System as an Event Driven Program What is event driven programming? Programming is giving the computer a list of
instructions Event driven programming is a style of programming that relies on events, triggers and handlers The features of Event Driven Programming Event Loop Event Trigger Event Handler An event is an action which occurs in the system These events can be triggered by mouse clicks, button presses or even system messages and clock ticks A Trigger is a function which matches an event An example of a trigger would be btnNext_Click() The purpose of the trigger is to fire the Event Handler The event handler carries out the action The event loop looks for events in the system Key Features of Event Driven Programming Service Oriented Time Driven Flexibility Suitability for GUI Simplicity of Programming Ease of Development Event Driven Programming relies on events which are triggered by GUI elements such as button clicks. Event driven programming is easy to do as you can concentrate on the Event Handlers, breaking down the development process It is easy to develop Event driven programs as the programs are broken into event handlers for each event Event driven programs are multiple services that are tied together These services come together to form the program Event Driven programs are driven by time rather than commands Event driven programs are driven by a timer rather than commands being input Event driven programs are easily modified Task Create a presentation The presentation is about the key features of event driven programming You should have 11 slides of information Tip: Look at the specification to see what is listed Programming Languages Visual Basic/VB.NET
Python Task In a report Discuss how an operating system can be viewed as an event driven program Tip 1: Look at examples of operating systems such as Windows/Linux/OS X Tip 2: Tie the features of event driven programming in with operating systems
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