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Marta Kajkowska

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of BINARY ACIDS

Hydrochloric acid
►strong acid,
►fuming in the air,

Hydrofluoric acid
►fuming in the air,
►pungent, suffocating odor
►highly toxic,
Hydrosulfuric acid
►smells like rotten eggs.
Binary acids -
certain molecular compounds in which hydrogen is combined with a second nonmetallic element.
Hydrobromic acid
►colorless or faint yellow,
►pungent odor,
►one of the strongest mineral acids known.
Marta Kajkowska 2a
binary acid - kwas beztlenowy
compound - związek chemiczny
combined - połączony
nonmetallic - niemetaliczny
It is used in the chemical, textile, plastics, tanning, sugar and pharmaceutical industry, in the production of dyes and as a medicine for hypoacidity.

inorganic - nieorganiczny
two-component - dwu-składnikowy
industry - przemysł
textile - włókienniczy
hypoacidity - niedokwasota
corrosive - żrący
It is a component of the medicinal waters. H2S is used in the production of sulfur and of chemical depilatories. It is used for the detection of certain metal ions.
component - składnik
detection - wykrywanie
germicidal - bakteriobójczy
etching glass - trawienie szkła
gasoline - benzyna
silicates - krzemiany (sole kwasu krzemowego)
pungent - gryzący
suffocating - duszący
germicidal - bakteriobójczy
It is used for etching glass, as a catalyst during the preparation of synthetic high octane gasoline and chemical analysis of silicates. It's dilute solution is used for disinfection.
It is used for the production of inorganic bromides and in veterinary.

faint yellow - bladożółty
Hydroiodic acid
►strong acid (stronger than hydrochloric and hydrobromic),
fugacious - nietrwały
It is used in medicine, chemical analysis and for disinfection.
Hydrocyanic acid
►smells like almonds,
►fuming in the air,
►highly toxic.
It is used as a toxic gas.
Thiocyanic acid
►oily liquid,
►pungent odor,
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