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Hi, my name is Benoit Riel.

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Benoit Riel

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Hi, my name is Benoit Riel.

Bachelor, Business Administration
Master in Science Administration
Specialized in Change Management
Thesis : Middle Management concerns regarding their role in a context of organization change
Speaker at Lille (2011), France in Psychological Congress on Middle Managers
Publication (2012) in Second part in: S. Pohl, P. Desrumaux, P., & A-M Vonthron (Eds) (2011). Jugement socio-professionnel, innovation et efficacité au travail
Public Service Staffing Tribunal
Change Management Consultant
& Change Management Lead
SAP Implementation
2 years
Undergraduate and Graduate Studies
Work experience
Researcher in Change Management
16 months
Change Management Consultant
9 months
Junior Consultant
7 months
Change Management Consultant
3 years
Senior Business Analyst and Change Lead
Case Management Implementation
1 year
Project #1 & 2
I like to travel the world
I like to challenge myself
by completing crazy races
And finally,
what am I looking for at Deloitte?
Do you want to know more about me?
What were my projects?
Coming soon:
India, Thailand & Japan
October 2013
And a bunch of other fun activities
Where did I study?
Project #3
Work with great people

Share, innovate and create new ideas
(Consulting Company)
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