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By: Jacinta Bounkeua

No description

Jacinta Bounkeua

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of By: Jacinta Bounkeua

The PAcific temperAte rAinforest
All About The PAcific TemperAte RAinforest
Where is it located
The Pacific Temperate rainforest is located in North America and it extends from Northern California to Alaska’s Kodiak Islands.
What does it look
''Look how beautiful it is, Oh and to keep going find the Money''
Dictionary Meaning
Diversity - Difference
Dictionary Meaning
Flora - Flowers
Dictionary Meanings
Dictionary meanings
By: Jacinta Bounkeua
>_< >.<

The Pacific Temperate rainforest

The diversity of life in these ecosystems is truly astounding because of the variety of Flora & Fauna.
Ecosystem - Its a complex set of relationships
Astounding- capable of overwhelming of amazement
Fauna - Animals
Whats a Temperate Rainforest?
This is some of the things i have in store for you.

What is a Temperate Rainforest
Where is it located
What does it look like
What animals live there
What plants & Flowers live there
I also have a little dictionary at the end

"Now lets start my presentation"
'' find the sun ''
Today ill be answering some of the question that I have chosen to share with you,on the Pacific Temperate Rainforest.
So just find the sun.!.!.!

"find the moon next''
''Good Job. Keep going find Earth next"
''Hey look theirs a picture over there with Mr Leaf''
The Pacific Rainforest
Did you know that every rainforest has four layers. Let me show you in this picture
The highest layer in the rainforest is called the Emergent layer
The second highest layer is called the Canopy
The second lowest layer is called theUnderstory
The The lowest layer is called Forest Floor
"find the shiny star next''
"Find the trees''
The Temperature is normally above 0 degrees Celsius and the warmest average temperature recorded was around 20 degrees Celsius.

''Find the rainbow next''
Find the bug next
You found me this is the last one but find the me for the last time
Temperate Rainforest exists right in the United States along the coastline of the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Temperate rainforests are formed in the Pacific Northwest because of the coastal mountain ranges in Northern California so it can trap the air masses full of moisture that rise from the Pacific Ocean.
As the moisture condenses into rain, it creates lush rainforests with trees that grow to enormous sizes and a biomass that exceeds that off the tropical
Condenses - To make more dense
Biomass - The weight of organism
Exceeds - To go beyound the limits
Thanks for Listening
And Watching
The amount of rainfall is very high in the pacific temperate rainforest As the amount of rainfall in a year is 1,500 to 5,000 millimeters.

On the forest floor there is a thick covering of low growing lichens, mosses, small plants, wildflowers, and grasses. The ground is covered with conifer needles, leaves, branches, twigs, and fallen dead trees. Mosses and algae cover the rocks, tree trunks, and branches. Everything feels rich and moist and is very green on the forest floor. The soil here is especially full of nutrients because there is much dead organic material on the ground being broken down by decomposers such as bacteria and insects.
The warmest of the temperate rainforests may have average annual temperatures around 20� C.

Did you know that around 20,000 varieties of orchids found are in the rainforest.
Many temperate rainforest plants can be used for food, medicine, or made into tools. The following wild plants are some of the most useful species in the Pacific Northwest.
Stinging Nettle
salmon berry
Western Red Cedar
BY : Jacinta Bounkeua
Dictionary Meanings
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