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Was The Battle of The Somme a Success or a Failure?

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Issy T

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Was The Battle of The Somme a Success or a Failure?

Was The Battle of The Somme
a Success or a Failure By Issy, Lizzie, Matt and Milo Was it a Success or was it a
complete failure? The Long term and
short Term Effects The Allies Effect's? The Enemies Effects? So Was the whole battle a Success? Was it a success for the French? Did the enemy even succed? Was it a success for the British? The British Aims The German's aims The French Aims The Plans and Aims Before the battle of The Somme the British hadn't been very active on the ground. But with Kitchener new army and the French starting to crumble, the British and the French decided to launch a joint attack. The battle lasted $ months and by the time it had finished the allies had advanced by 8km, but had 600,000 deaths along the way

lates to 75 men killed or wounded per metre gained. The french weren't involved in the initial battle they
were to busy fighting at Verdun. However the French did
start to fight along side the British after the weeks went on. The attack was originally a French and joint British one, and this was confirmed by the French Commander in chief Joseph Joffre and General Sir Douglas Haig. However then the french weren't able to help the british due to the heavy attack that the Germans gave them at
Verdun. Basically the German aims were very simple it was
to defend their trenches as they couldn't retreat back
as they had already been pushed back enough. The Germans thought that due to the loss of French at Verdun, the British would be struggling with their
few numbers and poor quality made equipment.
This meant that the Germans thought the battle
would be easier at the Somme than it actually
As the weeks went on the battle of the Somme became worse and worse for the poor soldiers involved, it seemed like no one was moving anywhere. However the English trenches were starting to improve, it first took news from the front lines to get to the commander 11 hours. This time could result to the German's attacking and retreating and the Commanders wouldn't even know about it. So they placed Commanders on the front lines so they could keep up to date with information. The battle of The Somme was successful for the French
as it took pressure off them, while they were fighting in the battle in Verdun. The battle diverted the Germans attention from Verdun to the Somme, which in return potentially stopped the Germans for invading France and taking Paris. If Paris was taken, France would eventually be taken under German control The Germans did suceed as they achieved what they wanted to achieve as their huge defensive plan worked as they had few casualties compared to the British and French. The huge amount of barbed wire seemed difficult for the British to hit and completely destroy, this meant that the German gunman to completey mow the British down. In conclusion it was also a success for the Germans as there aims and plans worked well. The British's effects - Only on the first day 60,000 men were injured and 19,000 were killed, this was a huge lost and one of the bloodiest days in History of warfare. Although this was due to the Germans preparation for the attack. Also the shells were badly made meaning that the attack was useless.
The French effects - The battle was also unsuccessful for the French, because as the British were getting mowed down it meant that the allies were getting smaller and weaker. The french also lost 200,000 men once the
battle was over. The Germans also were effected with the numbers of soldiers who were injured or killed. It was estimated 500,000 of them did. Although this isn't as bad as the allies put together. Also the Germans lost around 8km of land while fighting in the Somme, as well as fighting in the Somme they were also fight the French at Verdun. The Germans didn't excpect the British to bring such a skilled
army that they had to relocate soldiers from Verdun to the Somme resulting in the French winning. The battle of the Somme was a success in some ways and Unsuccessful in other ways. You could argue that the British helped the ways of the war, as they released pressure off the French meaning they could focus on the battle at Verdun. This was a crucial battle because losing this could have meant that the french was going to lose the war. Although the Germans did keep their defence high and kept there casualties to a minimum
compared to the British. However like the
Germans had to relocate there
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