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Explicit and Implicit Thesis

No description

Jacqueline Bolden

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Explicit and Implicit Thesis

Explicit and Implicit Thesis Statements
Elisha Jones
Jacqueline Evans-Bolden
Explicit and Implicit Thesis Statements
Class Starter:
Identifying Implicit or Explicit Thesis Statements
5 minutes
Explicit Thesis Statement:
ex-plic-it /ik'splisit/: (adjective) 1. state clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.
(noun) 1. the closing words of a text, manuscript, early printed book, or chanted liturgical text.
Explicit or Implicit ?
Implicit Thesis Statement:
An implicit thesis statement implies the paper's main idea. No "I" statements should be used.
Example: Studying for the test in college remains to be a difficult task while balancing work, school, full time job, and family creates problems with time management.
Effective Thesis Statement
Effective thesis statements have three characteristics:
It clearly expresses your paper's main idea.
It communicates your essay's purpose.
It is clearly worded.
I will examine the pros and cons of hybrid cars that use both gasoline and electricity.
Hybrid cars that use both gasoline and electricity would decrease our country's dependence on foreign oil.
Explicit statements are simple statements.
Explicit statements announce the paper's main idea with "I' statements.
Example: I am going to write about the Praxis Test.
implicit /im'plisit/: (adjective) 1. implied though not plainly expressed 2. absolute
Works Cited:

Special Thanks to David Herndon and Bruce Golden for assisting with our project.
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