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Chaucer The Knight's Tale

No description

Joanna Hernandez

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Chaucer The Knight's Tale

Fact #3
Geoffrey Chaucer's The Knight's Tale
Fact #1
Fact #2
Romance story
Concerned with courtly love, which demanded the loyalty of the knight to just one person: his lady-love
Fact #4
Fact #5
Around 1386-1395, England

Fact #6
Fact #7 (Summary)
Setting -
Chaucer set his Knight's Tale in ancient Greece


The story is about two knights from Thebes who fall in love with the same women, a princess of Athens named Emily
What were the two men fighting about in the play?
A. The riches of the western land
B. The right to the throne
C. The woman they loved
D. The laws in Greece
The answer is C!
Two codes of behavior, chivalry and courtly love. In "The Knight's Tale" we get to see what happens when the two codes clash.
The Knight’s Tale describes how two kinsmen Arcite and Palamon fall in love with the same woman named Emily. Emily is the niece of King Theseus. Arcite gains his freedom but is banished from Athens. Then comes back in a disguise since he cannot take living away from Emily. In the meanwhile Palamon breaks out of prison and coincidentally meets Arcite in a forest grove. Here Theseus discovers them fighting a bloody duel. Theseus puts an end to their fight and organizes a contest to resolve their quarrel about Emily. Before the contest Arcite prays to Mars for victory while Palamon prays to Venus for the possession of Emily. This creates an uproar in heaven and finally both the wishes are granted. Arcite is victorious in the joust but falls from his horse and dies and eventually Palamon marries Emily.
What were the two codes of behavior for knights?
A. Chivalry and Courtly Love
B. Honour and Courtly love
C. Honour and courage
D. Knightly hood and Chivalry
The answer is A!
Chivalry is a big deal in "The Knight's Tale."
Chivalry was a system of rituals, duties, and behaviors a knight was supposed to follow if he wished to behave with honor.
Palamon and Arcite are knights, which means they should be willing to do anything to protect one another. But when they both fall into (courtly) love with Emily, they have to be willing to do anything to win her, which includes breaking their promise to one another
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