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Pros and Cons Of Jacques Cartier and The First Nations when

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mr mustache

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Pros and Cons Of Jacques Cartier and The First Nations when

The Negative and Positive Effects on the First Nations and the European Explorers
Negative Impacts
1.The First Nations got animals like dogs (labs), sheep, cows, horses, oxen, hens, and pigs. Some of these animals were used in farming, like pulling heavy wood, and some were used for food, like eggs, milk or meat.
2.The Europeans gave them tools, like pots and pans, spoons, knives, forks and hatchets. These tools helped them cook, eat and find their food.
3. The First Nations traded beaver pelts. (1 big gun = 30 beaver pelts) They also traded fur from other animals like wolves, foxes, bears, and ferrets.
Negative Impacts on the Europeans

1. They got scurvy and a lot of men died.
2. The Europeans had to deal with harsh winters with snow and ice. Many men died. When they were out at sea bad weather made it hard to control their ships and there were shipwrecks.
1. They got sick with diseases from the Europeans because they were exposed to illnesses they've never even heard of before like (small pox).
2. They were treated well at first. Then when they started assimilating the First Nations, they wanted them to adopt their religions. Soon they began to treat them like slaves.
3. The First Nations lost their land to the French. This was bad because the First Nations are very attached to their land and respect it.
4. The European explorers traded with the First Nations and gave them guns. Unfortunately sometimes First Nations peoples started using the guns against each other.

drawn by First Nation

Positive Impacts on the European Explorers
1. They learned how to cure scurvy because the First Nations taught them how, which is good because they didn't get sick any more!
2. They claimed the land and named it New France. This was good because they had new land for the French king.
3. They got good animal pelts from the First Nations to make warm clothes.
Positive Impacts on the First Nations
1 green three point blanket = 2 beavers
1 plain 2 point blanket = 1 beaver
6 dozen metal buttons = 1/2 beaver
1 wool hat = 1 beaver
1 yard (0.9 meter) blue fabric = 3/4 beaver
2 yards (1.8 meter) red fabric = 3/4 beaver
1 file = 1/4 beaver
1 mirror = 1/3 beaver
1 gun = 4 beavers
2 dozen (24) flints = 1 beaver
2 dozen (24) fish hooks = 1 beaver
40 loads of powder and shot = 1 beaver
1 powder horn = 1/2 beaver
1 tin pot = 1 beaver
1 knife = 1/4 beaver
5 dozen (60) brass rings = 1/2 beaver
5 dozen darning needles (60) = 1/2 beaver
1 striped cotton shirt = 1/2 beaver
3 (1.4 kg) lbs. soap = 1/2 beaver
1 dozen (12) brass thimbles = 1/4 beaver
1 pair trousers = 1 beaver
1 lb. (0.46 kg) vermilion = 4 beavers
1 lb. (0.46 kg brass wire) = 1 beaver
Goods Price List for Trading
on the First Nations
first nations animoto
europeans animoto
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