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Career Shadowing

No description

Andre Betances

on 5 June 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Question 1:
What is the pupose of this company?
To develop young baseball players.
Question 2:
Wher will this company be
in 15 years?
This company will hopefully be in the same place it is now.

Career Shadowing Question 3:
What employability skills are needed for this company?
The skills that are needed are communication skills and teaching skills. Question 4:
What is the average salary and education nedded for this job?
The average salary is 800 dollars a week that would go up to 41,600 a year. Question 5:
What is the technology used in this job?
There's pitching machines to hit or catch off, computers to email or to analyze baseball players swing, and cellphones to communicate. Question 6:
Would I pursue a career with this company?
Yes I would if I don't make it to the major league. Question7:
What did I like best about this job?
The thing I love best about this job is getting to do something that involes baseball. Question 8:
What did I dislike about this job?
I enjoyed everything I did. I career shadowed my baseball coach
Mark Persails. Mark Persails is a baseball coach
and a batting cage coach. I career shadowed
him for being a batting cage coach. He gets to teach kids at the age of 5-18 how to play baseball. The things I did when I got there was help him teach other kids about baseball, hit baseballs, then lunch break, after that we had a wiffle ball turnament. I had a good time! A picture of me and Mark in front of the facility. My mentor. Mark's partner Demitris teaching me . Me hitting in the cages. My mentor teaching other kids with his partner Demetris.
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