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Stone Cold: Characters

The Description For The Characters In Stone Cold

Junho Wang

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Stone Cold: Characters

Stone Cold By Juno Wang, Vishal Laungani, Marc Hemshall, Annie Eum, Katelyn Naylor Gail Ginger Link Vincent This could suggest that link is a bit of a socialite. “also, I kept seeing people I knew”. The use of “people I knew” is suggestive that link could have a social life, consisting of many friends because the quote includes “people I knew”.
Link may not have many luxuries but he’s not dumb. “I may be homeless and unemployed but I’m not stupid”. The use of “but I’m not stupid” is suggestive that although link is homeless and doesn’t have much money at that moment, he’s not stupid.

Link doesn’t think much of London. “I knew the streets down there weren’t paved with gold”. The use of “I knew” suggests that link could have done some research before travelling to London because the writer is using past tense. Vincent is presented as someone that is not wanted. P: Gail is shown as a vulnerable and apprehensive person.
Ev: "I'm scared, Link,'she murmured. 'I don't know what to do-how to live on the street."
Ex: Gail is new to the street and she's eager to make friends with some-one who is familiar with the street life. This attitude soon allows Gail to befriend Link, the main character, which she knows will help her. "Mum's boyfriend. You should see him. Mum's no Kylie Minogue - but Vincent." page 3. Shelter The use of short sentences is important to the story because it shows that the author is speaking with pauses. This makes the reader feel that Link has to think about what he is saying about Vincent. The use of "Mum's no Kylie Minogue - but Vincent." Shows that even if "Mum" is not beautiful like "Kylie Minogue" is, she still does not deserve someone like Vincent. Vincent is presented as a very hated person. "I wouldn't call that fat pillock Dad if he was the last guy on earth." Page 4. P: Shelter is presented as a guy who is helpful

Ev: "I invite one of them back here for a bath and a hot meal."

Ex: "I invite" suggests that he is helpful because he helps someone who is unknown to him and he doesn't have any idea how the stranger is. Giving them a hot meal and bath helps them to stay fresh and healthy. This is important as everyone should be fresh and healthy. The use of "Fat pillock" makes the reader feel curious because the readers would want to know what makes Link call him such a thing. The use of "last guy on earth" is a suggestive of hatred because it shows that no matter what Link is not going to call Vincent dad. This could suggest that Link would rather be alone then be with Vincent. "Vince started slapping me around the head for going off and worrying Mum." Point: Ginger has a friendly, generous personality
Evidence: 'Got a Snicker in my pack. D' you want it?'
Explanation: Ginger is homeless and poor himself, but
he's still willing to share with others. His friendly
generous personality is important to the story because
it creates the friendship between Ginger and Link, the main character

Point: Vincent is presented as an aggressive person. P: Shelter is presented as a guy who is humble

Ev: "I feel terribky sorry for those unfortunate young persons"

Ex: "I feel terribly sorry" suggests that he is a really humble guy because he feel's sorry for those young people who he sees. This is important as they are in very bad conditions. The use of "Worrying Mum" Suggests that Vincent only cares for Link's mother and not him. He could come off as aggressive for slapping him without hearing his side of story. This makes the reader want to know how Link reacts to this and how it could effect their relationship. P: Shelter is represented as a rich guy.

Ev: "I usually give them a pound or two to help them on their way."

Ex: "I usually give them a pound or two" suggests that he is rich because someone would just not give a stranger money, who they don't know and have no idea are they criminals.This is important as every rich person should help people who are living in poverty. P: Gail is a very kind person, she is willing to share.
Ev: "I got plenty."
Ex: The quote above show's us that Gail doesn't mind spending her money, she tells Link that she has quite a bit, and that conveys that she would like to spend it and share it with him. P: Gail is an impatient person.
Ev: "Why not now, or tomorrow?"
Ex: Gail is eager to get things done, she is most likely some-one who acts before they think. Gail's actions could be caused out of concern, she might want to uncover some-thing faster to get the mystery over and done with as quick as possible so no more people will get hurt. Point: Ginger's a uncomplicated, simple guy
Evidence: 'Naw'
Explanation: his way of saying no is very informal and casual. His informality suggests that Ginger hasn't been well educated. Him being uneducated is important because if Ginger was educated, then he wouldn't have met link on the streets. and so Link wouldn't have been able to survive as well. Point: Makes jokes to keep Link going
Evidence 'four hundred quid, Burlington Arcade
Explain: Ginger says jokes such as the evidence
above to keep Link going. his tries to get link to laugh
suggests that Ginger wants Link to keep his spirit up and for him to keep going. Thank You for Watching! Shelter is Presented as an evil guy int he book but he is pretending to be a humble, helpful guy because he wants to cover the crimes he has done from the police.
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