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catarina hoover

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Entertainment

Entertainment The presidecy has always been a dominant
force in shaping and reflecting songs,movies,
and other cultural expressions. Almost every city in the United States has a street named for a former president. Political Cartoon Andrew Jackson was a strong presdent.
Many political opponents,fearing Jackson's use
of power,they called him "King Andrew." Theodore Roosevelt was turned into a cartoon by Gustav Brandt.Roosevelt with a wide month and constant movement while speaking. Film and Television Since 1914 when Abraham Lincoln stared in
a movie called Birth of a Nation.Some Presidents started
to started to star in more movies over time.
Harrison Ford as president in Air Force
One.A 1997 film about a heroic cheif that
defeats a terrorists singlehandedly. Polly Bergen as president in Kisses For My
President.It clearly reflects many of the
attitudes that shaped most women's lives in the 1960's
Peter Seller Peter Sellers as president in Dr.Stranglove.
The movie was made in 1964 and it was directed
by Stanley Kubrick.The movie was a hit it broke the mold of dpicting the American president in a heroic way. Ralph Bellamy as Franklin D.
Roosevelt in Sunrise at Campobello. The movie was released in 1960
the film is significant for its candid
depiction of Roosevelt struggle in the
1920s to overcome polio.
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