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Five tips to pass English 101

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evan stephens

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Five tips to pass English 101

Taking notes in class and on the readings is important. It will lead to a better grade and allow you to participate during class as well as online. Completing the readings also shows a certain level respect for your teacher.
1.) Notes
Participation is key to receiving and maintaining a good grade. Participation and communication in group projects is especially important to lessen the groups anxiety.
2.) Participation
Procrastination is a big part of what hinders all classes. Procrastination causes poor work, stress, anxiety and many other problems. So, don't Procrastinate!
3.) Procrastination
Attendance is incredibly important. If you are not in class how can you expect to know what is going on? You can't. Did I mention, if you miss more than three classes of English 101 you lose 10% of your grade. Ferris Bueller got away with skipping but you sadly will not.
4.) Attendance
5.) Communication
You are now in a Boat it's lower than the airplane.
Now your adrift in the Sea. Your still alive and on the surface but you could be moments from being saved or moments from certain academic death.
Sadly you are sinking, It is very difficult to work your way back up from the depths of the sea. It is possible but unlikely.
Take care of your grade. Don't end up in the sea drowning. Pay attention and keep up to date because it is your responsibility.

Five tips to pass English 101
Your grade is important!
It is important to check on your grade periodically. The easiest way to keep up to date is to turn on your notifications in canvas. Communication with your teacher is incredibly important; Mrs. King can offer an assortment of help with the variety of different topics she covers.
The Five Tips to Pass English 101
1.) Participate.
2.) Take notes on the readings to participate in class.
3.) Attend class and give your attention to your teacher.
4.) Procrastination is not the best strategy to succeed
5.) Communication is key. Maintain open communication with your teacher and other students if you wish to do your best.

Taking Care
Your Grade

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