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Soccer by midz

No description

Michelle D'Souza

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Soccer by midz

Soccer Soccer is a fun sport... But, you can only use your feet Except if you're the goalie It's important that you use the proper equipment Like cleats, shin-guards, or goalie gloves An awesome sport You can play practically anywhere The goal of soccer Ha ha! To try to score in the opposing teams goal post. DRIBBLING THE BALL WITH YOUR FEET! The offense goes down the field to score and steal the ball. The defense tries to stop the goal scoring by stopping the offense from getting passed them. The mid fielders go can go up and down the field. LOTS OF RUNNING. The Soccer Field Goal post Goal Post Starting off kick Penalty Box Penalty Box Penalty Kick You can use your hands only for throw-ins, properly! In Soccer you can also:
Punt the ball (goalie)
or perform a corner kick. Main activities in Soccer:
*pass the ball
*dribble the ball
*penalize/ foul
*hand ball
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