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Napoleon Conservative Response Timeline

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Saikamal Srinivas

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Napoleon Conservative Response Timeline

Napoleon Conservative Response Timeline
1801: Ireland and Great Britain Merge and become the United Kingdom.
1801: The Concordant of 1801 is signed by Napoleon and the Pope.
1803: The beginning of the Napoleonic Wars.
1804: Russo-Persian War begins.
1804: Austrian Empire founded.
1804: Napoleon is crowned Emperor of France.
1804: First steam-powered train is put in commission. Beginnings of the Industrial Revolution.
1805: Battle of Trafalgar
1806: Holy Roman Empire Dissolves.
1807: The slave trade is made illegal in England.
1810: University of Berlin is founded.
1812: The French invade Russia.
1812: The War of 1812 begins.
1814: Napoleon abdicates.
1815: Congress of Vienna
1815: Napoleon escapes exile,
loses Battle of Waterloo, and is re-exiled.
1821: Mexico gains independence from Spain.
1821: Greek War of Independence begins.
1825: Decemberist Revolt in Russia
1828: Final Russo-Persian War ends.
1830: French July Revolution
1830: Belgian Revolution
1830: Polish November Uprising
1834: Spanish Inquisition ends.
1839: Beginning of the Opium Wars.
1842: British gain control of Hong Kong.
1845: Start of Irish Potato Famine.
1848: The Communist Manifesto is published.
1848: Multiple 1848 Revolutions
1850: Little Ice Age ends
1851: First World's Fair in London
1851: Louis-Napoleon takes power in France.
1853: Crimean War starts.
1857: Indian Rebellion of 1857
1859: On the Origin of Species is published.
1861: Serfdom abolished in Russia.
1864: First Geneva Convention
1865: Polish uprising against Russian ends.
1866: German Confederation is dissolved.
1871: Second Industrial Revolution starts.
1874: Home Rule Movement starts in Ireland.
1874: British East Indian Company dissolves.
1876: April Uprising in Bulgaria.
1880: First Boer War begins.
1882: Czar Alexander II is assassinated.
1882: British Invasion of Egypt.
1884: Berlin Conference
1886: First automobile is sold.
1888: Jack the Ripper terrorizes London.
1890: Luxembourg gains independence.
1894: Dreyfus Affair
1896: Olympic Games revived.
1897: Zionist Conference
1803: The first steamboat is demonstrated.
Cultural Changes
1804: World population arrives at 1 billion.
1804: Morphine is discovered.
1807: The slave trade is made illegal in Great Britain.
1814: The flintlock revolver it invented.
1813: Pride and Prejudice is published by Jane Austen.
1820: The Regency period ends.
1824: Beethoven's 9th Symphony premieres.
1825: Aluminum is isolated.
1826: The internal combustion engine is patented.
1829: First electric motor.
1831: Darwin's trip on the HMS Beagle begins.
1832: The Great Reform Act is passed.
1834: The British Poor Law is amended.
1837: The Victorian Era begins.
1844: The first telegraph line is set up.
1845: Irish Potato Famine begins.
1849: The gas mask is invented.
1851: The first World's Fair is held in London.
1855: The Bessemer Process for steel making is perfected.
1858: The phonograph is invented.
1863: The International Red Cross is formed.
1865: Mendel conducts his pea-plant experiments.
1866: The Transatlantic Cable is successfully installed.
1871: Second burst of the Industrial Revolution starts.
1881: The first electrical power plant is set up in England.
1888: Jack the Ripper murders
1889: Aspirin is patented.
1894: First commercial film
1895: X-rays are identified.
1896: The Olympic Games are brought back.
1896: Radioactivity is discovered.
By Saikamal Srinivas
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