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Epic Family Tree

No description

Greg Campbell

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Epic Family Tree

Zeus Plouto Nymph Tantalus Dione Niobe Pelops Tantalus, Pelops's father, dices and stews the body of Pelops to serve to the gods to please them, but they know something is up! Unfortunately, Demeter, who has just lost Persephone, takes a bite of his shoulder. The gods feel bad and reassemble the boy, and he is given a new shoulder made of ivory.

For his actions, Tantalus is sent to the underworld where we met him during Odysseus's katabasis story. This is a part of the family curse. Hippodamia Oenomaus Sterope We met him in the underworld. Remember, fruit he can't reach and water that receded when he drank...yeah, him. It has been foretold that Oenomaus's son-in-law will
kill him, so he has killed twelve of his daughter's
suitors. Some other complexities occur and there is a chariot race between Oenomaus and Pelops to see if Pelops can win Oenomaus's daughter. In this race, Oenomaus is killed as his servant conspired against him and helped Pelops. Pelops then kills this servant who just conspired with him, and for this the family curse is exacerbated even further as this goes against the rules of loyalty.
(I said it was complex!) With Oenomaus out of the way, Pelops and Hippodamia can get married! Thyestes Atreus Pelopia Aegisthus Aerope Menelaus Agamemnon Clytemnestra Helen Hermione Iphigenia Electra Orestes Neoptolemus Andromache Achilles Deidamia Molossus &
Molossians Eventually leads to Alexander the Great Thetis Peleus Leda Tyndareus Castor Pollux Hector Priam Hecuba Paris Cassandra Laomedon Father Themiste Eurydice Ilus Capys Anchises Aphrodite Aeneas Ascanius Creusa Silvius Brutus And eventually King Arthur There is a great lineage amongst the ancients, and that is listed below.

All of the great ancient heroes are connected, so feel free to investigate the many lineages and connections. In addition, we will look at _The Orestia_ trilogy of Aeschylus.

First, the background! As with so much of Greek Mythology, we start with the Zeus and one of the many women he loved. One of the
three great Ancient
Greek Tragedians. The others are Sophocles and Euripides. The golden rule of Ancient Greek clothing shops: Euripides, Eumenides. Chrysippus The chosen son and heir! Three children are born. The other boys are jealous, so they throw their brother D
N to the bottom of a well, never to be
heard from again, poor boy. ? So, which boy will be king? Well, Atreus finds a golden lamb to sacrifice to Artemis, but instead he gives it to his wife, Aerope. Aerope is sleeping with Atreus’s brother, Thyestes, and she secretly gives him the lamb. Thyestes tells Atreus that since the golden lamb is so beautiful, whoever has it should be the royal family, to which Atreus obviously agrees. But, Thyestes shows that he has the lamb and is therefore the proper king. Hermes gets Atreus to get Thyestes to agree that if the sun should ever move backwards in the sky, that he could have the throne back. Thyestes agrees, thinking it is impossible, but Zeus makes it happen and now Atreus is back in charge. The boys Thyestes has two male children, so they are Atreus' nephews. Atreus is mad that Thyestes is sleeping with his wife, Aerope.

He is going to get revenge!!! Atreus invites Thyestes to a banquet, and at this he serves his nephews, these boys, as the main dish. Only after Atreus has seen Thyestes finish dinner does he reveal their hands, and feet. In an instance of injustice, Thyestes is banished by the gods for the sin of eating humans...his own children, too. He seeks advice from the Oracle at Delphi! All he has to do is have sex to produce a child who will avenge him, but he
has to sleep with... Daughter of Thyestes Son and grandson of Thyestes and son and brother of Pelopia. He is destined to kill Agamemnon, but Thyestes can't stand the guilt and disappears.

Pelopia also feels guilty, so she leaves the child to die of exposure.

Not a new theme. The boy is found and given to the king, Atreus!

Atreus raises him as his own.

He is a cousin / half-brother to Menelaus and Agamemnon. Thyestes finds his son and tells him what has happened.
The boy is angry and kills Atreus, the head of household.

He also plots against the rest of the family,
especially the cousins. While Agamemnon fights the Trojans,
Aegisthus is sleeping with Agamemnon's wife, Clytemnestra. But, Agamemnon is sleeping with his war prize. The prophetess who is never to be believed as she deceived Apollo. Now, Part 1,
The Agamemnon The war is over and Agamemnon is on his way home.

In this version, he sacrificed his daughter, Iphigenia, ten years ago. This was done to appease Artemis and get fair winds to sail to Troy for battle. Clytemnestra misses her daughter. She and her lover, Aegisthis, are plotting! She foretells the death of Agamemnon and herself,

of course,

nobody listens. Plans a welcome home party for her husband! As Agamemnon walks in to dinner, he is killed. Clytemnestra and Aegisthis stand over the body. F
of the house of Atreus. But... Has foretold that while Clytemnestra has done what "ten years of Trojans could not," there will be an "avenger..." Part 2:
The Libation
Bearers Many years have passed, and he has been banished by Aegisthus, but Orestes seeks to pay tribute to his father's grave (in secrecy)
as Apollo has sent him on a mission.

When he gets to the grave, he finds Electra there! 1. She reveals that she loves her brother as she embraces
Orestes. 2. She reveals that Agamemnon haunts Clytemnestra's dreams. 3. She reveals that she loved her father, Agamenon, and does not love her mother, Clytemnestra. The two plot and a plan is hatched. Orestes goes to the palace and knocks on the door (really) but his mother answers. He says he is a messenger bearing news of Orestes’s death. Aegisthus is fetched (by Cilissa, Orestes’s old maid) and the chorus convinces (Cilissa to tell) him to come alone. Aegisthis comes and Orestes kills him. Hearing him scream, Clytemnestra comes and sees Orestes standing over the corpse. Orestes tries to kill his mother now. She pleads, saying she is his mother, so he cannot kill her, but Apollo willed this, so Orestes now ignores Clytemnestra’s pleas and he kills her. The chorus is a little too happy. Orestes declares that justice has finally been served. Enter the Furies. They haunt anyone who kills their parents. Orestes goes mad and asks the Oracle for help. The play ends. Will the cycle of retribution end? Part 3:
Eumenides The entire story is a court case. Athena represents Orestes. Will the retribution never end? Yes. The furies show mercy over retribution. Athena declares that, henceforth, mercy should always govern. And, the prophecy that Oenomaus's son in law will kill him has come true! For this, The Furies are renamed the kind ones, or Eumenides, and then the trilogy ends! Augustus Eventually Neoptolemus gets married to Hermione,
but she has been betrothed to Orestes, so
Orestes kills him, obviously.

Why? Because that's just what you do
in that family!

Interestingly enough, Telemachus attends
the ceremony while he is searching for
his father. Icarius Periboea Penelope Odysseus Telemachus Circe Callidice Lavinia Dido Julius Caeser Adrastus Seven Against Thebes Telegonus Polypoetes After Odysseus dies, his body is returned to Circe's island for burial. Here, in a joint wedding, Circe marries Telemachus and Penelope marries Telegonus. Guinnivere Morgan
Le Fay Lancelot Mordred Gorlois
Duke of Cornwall King Urien of Gore Ywain Lady
Igraine Uther
Pendragon As was foretold by Nestor during the katabasis, Odysseus must depart once again. He is to walk North, carrying an oar, until someone thinks it is a fan to blow chaff from the grain. Then, he must bury the oar in the ground and found a new city. Here, me meets Callidice and becomes king of the Thesprotians. After seven years, he leaves and his son, Polypoetes, is left to rule. The son of Odysseus and Circe, he sets off to find his father.

He arrives in Ithaca, but does not know where he is, so he pillages the town. In the process, Telegonus accidentally kills his father,
Odysseus. Assaracus Ganeymede The most beautiful male mortal Tros Speaking of Telemachus...
He is searching for his father,
who is currently on The Odyssey. He is trying to protect his mother, Penelope. She is related to Helen. Telemachus will succeed and his father will return.
But... Back to Neoptolemus as he will lead us
into the Trojans and beyond! The Breton Hope Winston Churchill? Did World War Two end because of the Judgement of Paris???

Likely not, but...

myths still pervade our culture, so we can thank the Judgement of Paris for that! *More to come on the Eumenides shortly!
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