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Gulf war oil spill 1991

By: Sarah, Monica, and Allen

Kayla zwicker

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Gulf war oil spill 1991

how did Kuwait respond to the attack? What were the health impacts towards the people from the spill and destruction? Where Did The Gulf War Happen? What Led Up to The Gulf War Oil Spill? The Iraqi forces deliberately released more than 240 million gallons of crude oil into the Persian Golf
1,360,000-1,500,00 tons were spilled and 600 oil wells were set on fire. How Much Oil Was Poured into the Gulf and how many wells were burned? Iraq's leader was Saddam Hussein
most of Kuwait's wealth came from there large supply of oil
Iraq invaded Kuwait to gain wealth and power by taking over there oil wells
United States ordered Iraq out of Kuwait
Saddam wouldn't give in
Saddam announced to the world that if he had to be forced out of Kuwait the country will burn!
The United Kingdom gave Iraq six weeks to move out of Kuwait or else they will attack!!
Saddam did as promised......... Map Of The Gulf War Humans suffered the consequences of war. What does that mean?
The physical suffering happened the day the invasion, but the emotional suffering started the very first day there was mention of a war; peoples fear can get the better of them
Thousands of humans in Kuwait,Saudi Arabia and soldiers from other countries were killed, wounded, raped, or taken prisoner
Civilians started having respiratory problems!!!
All the chemicals released equaled one thing...... CANCER!!!!!!!! How did this effect the Economy? More than $700 million dollars to clean
lost more than $50 billion dollars in military equipment
Oil industries suffered from the burning of over 700 wells.
most costly damage was on the environment
most expansive damage was on the oil installations (wells) How did they react? Who helped clean up? Who helped clean up and fight?
people of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia wanted Saddan dead.
people were evacuated.
Devastated, speech less, could not describe what the have seen and lost.
How did they clean up?-
Fires and capped the oil wells. How did Kuwait regain its oil? Canadians and Americans put the fires out and capped the oil wells.
Regained allot of their oil.
now producing the same amount of oil, like before the war. How Is the Gulf War different from previous oil spills? The Gulf War Oil Spill is different from all other oil spills because it was the only one in history that was done on purpose, no accident because oil equals money!!!!!!!!
What became of it........was a war
The Gulf War Oil Spill was ranked the number one worst oil spill at its time in 1991, but it has recently been overpowered by the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill in 2010 bumping it to second place, but some resources say different............. Kuwait Is Burning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guys! We are the next generation Peace NOT War
We are the next generation!

So, what will you do? Thank You
For Watching! Any
Questions? Our Project Is On The Gulf War Oil Spill In 1991

By: Sarah, Monica, and Allen
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