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Leadership From an Introvert's Perspective

No description

Daniel Boel

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Leadership From an Introvert's Perspective

Group Members
Justin Misseldine
Courtney Harding
Daniel Boel

Stereotypical Introvert
Summary of Topics
How to Fit Your Personality Into a Leadership Role

Conditions that Make Introverts More Effective Leaders

Problems Introverted Leaders Face and Techniques

Introverts Learning to Express Extroverted Behavior

Developmental Experiences Important for Introverted Leaders

The Benefits of an Introverted Leader in a New Market

How to be Effective with Your Personality
Know Your Personality Type

Understand your Weaknesses and Strengths

Positives and Negatives of an Extroverted Personality in Leadership

Positives and Negatives of an Introverted Personality in Leadership
The Introverted Leader
The Extroverted Leader

T-Shirt Folding Experiment

How the Followers Effect the Leader

Benefits of an Extroverted Leader

Benefits of an Introverted Leader

Which Type is More Successful?

Average Income By the Results of the Jung Personality Test
(Washington Post, 2013)
Southern Living, 2014
Problems Faced by Introverts in Leadership Situations
Being Uncomfortable in Front of Large Group
Partner with Extroverts
Problems Faced by Introverts in Leadership Situations
Being Low - Key and Reserved
Learn When to Shown Enthusiasm and Practice
Studies Show What an Introvert Actually is
They think first, talk later
They focus on depth
They exude calm
They let their fingers do the talking
They embrace solitude
Famous Introverted Leaders
Steve Jobs
Abe Lincoln
Eleanor Roosevelt
Bill Gates
Rosa Parks
Mark Zuckerberg
Craig Newmark
Warren Buffet
Problems Faced by Introverts in Leadership Situations
More likely to take advice from surrounding people and can get bullied into a decision they don't agree with.
Collaboration is great and should be embraced. Know where to draw the line and (as the leader) be the one who makes the final decision.
Can Extroverted Behavior be Learned?
Positive leadership qualities exist in both
Beneficial to learn and practice both qualities
Everyone has both introverted and extroverted tendencies (Carl Jung's theory).
Can Extroverted Behavior be Learned?
Learn about your personality and what kind of leader you are.
Determine which trait you would like to change or develop. Study extroverts around you to see how they use their positive leadership traits to their advantage.
Practice the traits that you are trying to develop. The more it is practiced, the more natural it will become.
3 Steps to Achieve the Positive Leadership Qualities of Extroverts
Make the Office Space Right for Everyone
Cube Farm
Open Concept
How Introverts / Extroverts Recharge
Being alone, solitude
Being with other people
Extroverts in Leadership
(Adam M. Grant, 2010)
Don't Underestimate the Quiet Leader!
Understand your Personality
The most Effective Leader is one who can Balance the Traits of both Personality Types
Interview with an Introvert
Store Manager with WinCo Foods
Self Proclaimed Introvert
Recently Opened New Store in Phoenix
Any Questions
I love my stapler!
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