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Hairless Cat

A presentation about hairless cats.

Carsen Yates

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Hairless Cat

Hairless Cats By Carsen Yates What is a hairless cat? Well, it's actually called a Sphynx. You know, like from Egyptians. -Well, it's atually called a Sphynx. Not the kind of Sphinx in Egypt, but very similar.
-They actually do have hair, but it is similar to leather, but their skin is still visible. -Most people think that hairless cats are hypoallergenic, but most people's allergies to cats don't actually come from the cat's hair.
-Another common misconception about hairless cats is that they require less grooming than normal cats, but they don't, the oils that build up on their skin makes it necessary to give them weekly baths. -Because they need to
keep warm, they are
often much more
cuddlier than
normal cats. -Hairless cats also need to be kept out of the sun, their skin needs similar carefulness to that of humans. They can be sun burnt just like us. Sources

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