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Copy of Types Of Fossils

This project is to describe the types of fossils.

Jan Bryant

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Types Of Fossils

Types of Fossils
By: Elizabeth Bravo There are four types of fossils. The four types of fossils are:
~ mold fossils
~ cast fossils
~ trace fossils
~ true form fossils Mold Fossils!! :) A Mold Fossils is a fossilized impression made in the substrate - a negative image of the organism Cast Fossils!! ;D Cast fossils are fossils that are formed when mold is filled in. Trace Fossils Trace fossils are fossilized nests, burrows, footprints, etc True Form Fossils 8-) True form fossils are fossils that's the actual plant or animal. Extra Facts!! O_o The most common body fossils found are from the hard parts of the body, including bones, claws and teeth. this is a fossil of a plant!! these are snail shells This is an aninals foot print. Looks like a bird of some type. this is a fish these are sea shells Fun facts!! :) A paleontologist is a scientist who studies fossils. a fish eating another fish!!!! Cool Fossils!! Momma dinosuar!!! dinosuars!! The End!! :D What are fossils?

Fossils are the preserved remains or physical evidence of past life on earth by geological processes. Fossil can be preserved in rocks, amber (hardened tree sap, Fossils can be preserved in rocks,
amber (hardened tree sap, asphalt (sticky pools of asphalt deposits), frozen snow and ice.
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