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V for Vendetta: Film Analysis

No description

Adam Chilvers

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of V for Vendetta: Film Analysis

Power and Authority
Camera Angles
“How does the director, James McTeigue, explore the dystopia in the film, V for Vendetta, through the use of filmic techniques and themes?”
By Adam Jordan Chilvers
V for Vendetta: Film Analysis
Exemplify more than a singular person
Embodiment of an ideal
Inspiration from Guy Fawkes

Lack of Liberty
Power and Authority
Lack of Liberty
Through the use of camera angles
The use of themes and filmic techniques contribute to the audience’s perception and understanding, and in V for Vendetta the director focuses on dystopia.
Comprehend the demise of the government in a unique form

V’s Strategy is now occurring

Dominoes Scene
Power and Authority
Camera Angles
From the camera angles implemented, we can see power is what directs the United Kingdom

Lowered camera angle, resulting in the audience viewing the Chancellor from a position of weakness

Chancellor addresses the nation
Chancellor prospective shot
Mere camera angle helps signify the authoritarian chain of command and exemplifies dystopia

Chancellor holds power in the film

English flag is remastered to correspond with the Nazi Swastika

Notion of domination and destruction to the audience
Power and authority is existent throughout the entire film and inaugurates dystopia significantly, in addition camera angles showcase the weakness of society and demonstrates the power of individuals.
Copious amounts of the regulations and rules were founded to suppress stereotyped individuals and individual liberty
Religion was completely eradicated from the country, homosexually and all forms of artwork weren’t simply scorned but was a felonious offense punishable via
Invasion of Gordan's home
Lack of individual liberty is apparent in the scenes were Gordon’s house was checked without warrant for harbouring a fugitive, however he was punished for ownership of the Qur’an
The symbolism encompassed with V’s mask is crucial to the film, as we can comprehend the character as more than a singular man, but an ideal comprised by every person.

Prospective shots either high or low are accountable for underling that power and authority is extant during the film, to frequently recap the viewer of dystopia.

Furthermore, by showing the eradication of homosexuality, religion and artwork from their society makes apparent the severity of fascism on individual liberties.
Thanks for watching
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