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No description

Tkomp Bydgoszcz

on 26 June 2015

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Transcript of Duni

Focus On Quality...
Over 150.000
development, sale,
implementation, support
computer systems
Software developer
In accordance with
ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005
development, sale,
implementation, support
computer systems
Since 1996
In accordance with
ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 standard
We employ 40 people
We work with 150 active Customers
Over 150
active clients
(CEE countries)
Support internal, external and quality documentation in the company
Workflow of documents in the company - make it easier!
Follow all changes in the new versions of documents
Manage all the downloads and printouts of the documents
Control periodic reviews of documents
NND 9000
- make decisions based on facts (list of qualified suppliers)
- central database
- automated contact with suppliers
- complete your orders in many languages
- quick access to terms and conditions of cooperation with suppliers
(prices, discounts)
- more efficient process of sending orders to suppliers
- complex assessment on suppliers based on various criteria and
in compliance with internal procedures of the organization
Main benefits
Main benefits
Business benefits
Provide information significant for the users more efficiently
Supervise time of reaction
More efficient analysis of where the process is disrupted
All data stored in the system - no more unnecessary paper copies
Knowledge base, which provides key processes for the owners
Flexible solution
One application available via web-browser, no need to install the system on workstations - the data are stored on the server
Independent modules - use only the elements you need
One application - many departments; control access to particular data
Work in a team - don't worry about the workflow and deadlines - let the software do it for you
Define authorizations and access to the system according to their needs
Create reports with the help of reports wizard and make them available for other users (the system will filter the data according to their authorizations)
Krzysztof Sadowski
Sales manager
Phone: +48 609 921 000
Mail: sadowski@tkomp.pl
Phone: +48 52 360 44 40
-Register new supplier
-Register assortment
-Assign assortment
to supplier
Step 1. Supplier and assortment registration & assignment.

Request supplier approval
Supplier approval
Assignment of rights
Step 2. Supplier approval

1. Define scope & assortment
2. Define assesment content
Step 3.1. Assesment template
3. Define assesment realization path
Step 3.2. Assesment template

Step 3.2. Assesment template
2. Select assesment template
1. Select supplier for assesment
Step 4. Supplier selection for assesment
2. Do your assesment and save the document
1. Select person to whom your assesment
will be forwarded for approval
Step 5. Assesment
2. Assesment with status:
Approved -> ready to use
in the supplier ranking
1. Automatic notification received on the info board of person responsible for approval of assesment
2. Approval of assesment
Step 6. Assesment approval
Step 7. Supplier ranking
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