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Child Labor in Somalia

No description

Lior Shabat

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Child Labor in Somalia

Child Labor in Somalia
Lior Shabat
Elsa High School

My Question
What are the causes of child labor in Somalia? Does this benefit the country in any way and will this enhance the country in the future?

Federal Republic of Somalia

GDP per capita is $333/$600
No central government
Al Shaabab
60% under poverty line

Child Labour Facts
ages 5-14
49% (2006)
very poor education
not devolped
similar to most central Africa
Government and Laws
Future Devolpment
Helps Al Shabaab
Under poverty line
Need money and
Always under war

No laws for child labour
Not memeber of ILO
Corrupt Government and state
controled by pirates and jihad movements
No future devolpment
Need to take physical action
Recent attacks on Al Shabab
Answer my question
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