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Hunting Knowhow

No description

Dan E

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Hunting Knowhow

Hunting Knowhow Concept Editorial Need Editorial Content Reader Potential Advertising Potential Money Provide hunting information Based on Hunting Techniques and Strategies Wildlife Management and Conservation For anyone who wants to learn about hunting I believe that my magazine should be published because it is like various other magazines, but it will cover more than the rest. This magazine offers you insights on master hunting techniques and how to use conservation to your advantage. This magazine will be published monthly and will have a cost of $3.00 per issue, or a subscription fee of $48.00 for 2 years. Magazine will have four major parts in each issue. The first of these is interviews. The interviews will be with hunters or other hunting based persons. Interviews give the reader a general knowledge about how the interviewee acts or uses conservation. The second is the conglomeration of pictures. My magazine will offer pictures on every page; some of animals, people and other things that you find out in the timber or field. The third will be the strategies. This will just give the reader some general knowledge about hunting; it will also give you the best hunting strategies and techniques to use in the field The fourth, and maybe the most important will be the section on wildlife management. This will give you the knowhow to turn your property into the most habitable chunk of land you can get. 1. The target age group of my magazine will be basically any because after you are old enough to hunt, you never get too old. The interest stays alive within for your entire life. 2. My target group will probably be middle class, but it really doesn’t matter, if you hunt you hunt, if you don’t you don’t. The marital status of my readers shouldn’t make an impact on the subscription; it is also the same in the job area. The things that my readers will by more often than not, is hunting equipment. My readers will also be reading other hunting magazines. 3. I expect to attract a lot of readers, hard to say now many, but i would expect my magazine to boom after the first year. 4. I expect my magazine to circulate a lot in the first three years. This magazine should be circulating throughout America after the third year. It’s a magazine that can be handed down too. It is full of useful information that will help anyone who is interested in hunting. I will distribute my magazine for free the first issue (only available by ordering online), and they will be sold in stores, online and by mail subscription. $3.00/ issue, and $48 subscription fee. For my advertising I will approach the most popular hunting companies, i.e. Realtree, Cabela’s, Mathews. I think that the hunting brands will advertise with me because my magazine will be read by a wide group of people. The five target ads will be: Mathews Bows, General Motors, Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco products, and Realtree Camo. Factoring in the salaries of my three co-workers, I will need approximately $500,000 for the first two years. I will try to get loans from the bank to get the money for my magazine. To break even after two years i will need approx. 10417 subscriptions.
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