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Blood Bank Database Management System

CMPE226 - Database Systems Project

Shreyas Bhat

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Blood Bank Database Management System

Learnings & Future Scope
Mobile Application with Notifications for Events
User Stories
General User
Class Diagram
E-R Diagram
Blood Bank Database Management System
Blood bank Admin
Blood Bank Database Management System
Search for Blood
Update Blood Quantity
Organize Events
Register For an Event
CMPE 226 - Team 12
DB Queries
Database Tables
Blood_Bank (Bank_id, Bank_Name, Admin_Name, Admin_Surname, Address, Pin, City, State, Contact, Email, Password)

Blood (Bank_id, apove, aneve, bpove, bneve, opove, oneve, abpove, abneve)

Events (Event_id, Bank_id, date, address, city, state, contact, description, organized_by)

User_registration (ID, Event_ID, First_name, last_name, email, birth_date, contact, sex)
var StringQuery = "insert into blood_bank (bank_name, admin_name, admin_surname,password, email, address, pin, city, state, contact) values( \'"+bankName+"\',\'"+AdminName+"\',\'"+AdminSurname+"\',\'"+encpassword+"\',\'"+email+"\',\'"+Address+"\',\'"+zipcode+"\',\'"+city+"\',\'"+state+"\',"+phone+")";

var StringQuery = "select bank_id from blood_bank where email=\'"+email+"\'";

var StringQuery = "insert into blood (bank_id) values ("+bankId+")";
Our Website
We learned to use open source technologies
Database Screenshots
Distributed databases
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