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How did reformers of the period approach the problem of an industrial society?

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Yesenia Lopez

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of How did reformers of the period approach the problem of an industrial society?

Social Gospel
The Great Railroad Strike of 1877
It started when owners of the railroads cut down the wages of workers in order to make the costs of railroads cheaper.
This caused the workers along with other people to strike and cause violence.
Governors sent 60,000 militia to control the violence and the strikes for a brief time.
The Haymarket Affair (1886)
The Knights of Labor
labor organization fom the 1880s
they wanted unskilled workers and skilledworkers to work together
where against socialism
wanted to help workers get an 8 hour work day
formed strikes, held meetings, negotiated with employers
How did reformers of the the period approach the problems of an industrial society?
A bomb went off which killed a police officer. No one knew where it came from or who did it.
Workers took the chance to make inhumane things like do a lot of violence and cause destruction.
Seven workers were accused of setting out the bomb.
Reforms & unions
Reformers created unions to help workers get better working conditions and higher wages
Workers wanted improved conditions, so they went on strikes
focused on issues like social justice, poverty, child labor, alcoholism, crime, and poorly organized labor unions
it had a lasting impact because more programs were created for social reform
protestant movement
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