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Attack on Titan

No description

Sabrina Renzi

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan
The Movie

700 years ago, mankind were almost taken out by man-eating creatures called 'Titans.' The surviving people took land and put three walls around it; Wall Maria, the outer wall, Wall Rose, the middle wall, and Wall Sina, the inner wall.
The story starts with the main characters, Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman seeing the Titans break through the wall after 100 years of peace.

Eren Jaeger
Logan Lerman as Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger is one of the main heroes of the series along with Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. He is hardheaded and implusive, but has a strong will.
Eren's goal is to kill all the Titans for his mother's sake, since she was eaten by one in the year 845.
I chose Logan Lerman to play Eren because they look alike and Logan could play someone like Eren due to his role as Percy Jackson.
Mikasa is very withdrawn and serious, but can be very protective and loving when it comes to her friends Eren and Armin. She is also incredibly strong, physically and mentally.
I chose Lee Si Young to play Mikasa because she is an actress in Korean comedies and dramas, which is the genre of my movie.
Armin Arlert
Josh Hutcherson as Armin Arlert
Armin is very shy and frightened. As a child, he was bullied and had Mikasa and Eren fight for him. He is also incredibly smart. Although he is a talented fighter and a smart boy, he had a very poor opinion on himself for a long time.
I chose Josh Hutcherson as he looks in The Hunger Games to play Armin because they look similar. Also, Josh could easily play a shy boy with hidden talents due to his role as Peeta in The Hunger Games.
Mikasa Ackerman
Lee Si Young as Mikasa Ackerman
Jean Kirschtein
Ryan Gosling as Jean Kirschtein
Jean says whatever is on his mind even when he knows it's not a good time to do so. This causes a rivalry with Eren. Nevertheless, he is an honest man. Jean is noted as being a good leader, due to his understanding of weakness.
I chose Ryan Gosling to play Jean because of their similarities in looks and personality.
I would film the movie in Germany. I chose this because of the similarities in the scenery. In this book, they're mainly outdoors, so it's ideal to film the movie in a similar outdoor setting to the book.

What I'd elaborate or omit on and why.
I'd elaborate on Eren, Mikasa, and Armin's childhoods more. I'd show how Armin gets bullied and how Mikasa and Eren help him. Also, I would add something about Jean Kirschtein's past, since there was almost nothing mentioned about it.
I wouldn't really take out much, but if I had to, I'd take out almost half of Jean's fight with Eren about Mikasa. In the book, it took up a large percentage of it, and I think they could have added other things instead of making that one so long.

Movie Poster 1
Movie Poster 2
Why would my movie be a "Big Hit"?
I believe my movie would be a big hit because the book has sold over 20 million copies and the anime show has gotten more and more recognition lately. Also, there are many relatable and loveable characters in this movie, there will be a favourite character for every one. Having favourites allows people to be more interested in the movie, wanting their favourite character to survive. This movie is a comedy, drama, and action, so there is also something for everyone.
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