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todd gray

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of 21st

21st Century Smackdown What Are the Problems We Deal With? Who Does This Affect? Underachievement Bullying Ignorance Low Self Image Suicide Drugs Underage drinking Teen Pregnancy Students College Level Infants ENTIRE YOUTH OF THE NATION Are We OK With This? What about Self-Respect, Discipline, or Responsibility? If the youth is ignorant of these problems how can we reverse the problems
set before us? Proposed Solution? Work As A Team Respect Communication EDUCATE Collaboration Adaptation What Short Term Effects Long Term? "One apathetic person can hurt a whole group". "People Feed Off Other's Emotions" "Negativity is Contagious!"
Mrs. Tynes "The Business World is a Machine. If one
part fails, the whole machine fails."
-Michael Kettmann
Responsibility Make people responsible for their actions

"The only true obstacle you have is YOURSELF."

Work Ethic Cooperation -Ashley Thompson "The easiest, most basic step we can take is to focus more on communication. Things cannot be accomplished when people do not understand each other."
~ Melissa Chapman "You should be attaining skills that teach you how to work with people, work for yourself, and be a contributor. It is unreasonable to think that you can never contribute and always expect to take from the labor of others." ~ M.D. We need to expose kids to more culture at a younger age.
-Megan Fleming
Our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.
-Martin Luther King, Jr. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.
-Charles Darwin -Alteration or adjustment in structure or habits, by which a species or individual improves its condition in relationship to its environment. Good design begins with honesty, asks tough questions, comes from collaboration and from trusting your intuition.
-Freeman Thomas I enjoy being given a certain amount of freedom in order to interpret or to come up with stuff, but I do enjoy collaboration. I seek and thrive on projects where I am going to learn from the people I'm working with.
-William Kempe The network is opening up some amazing possibilities for us to reinvent content, reinvent collaboration. Laziness selfishness Low worrth ethic Naivety Concietedness Narcissism Vanity What are YOU going to do about it? We do not like everything our school represents. We wanted to make an active change for the better. We wanted to be part of the change.
We want to be prepared for our changing world, and what we found out is something that impacts everyone! Students need to be part of the solution!! Students need to have discussions with teachers to improve critical thinking, problem solving, and to prepare for real world living.
We have asked ourselves how we can make a positive difference at John F. Hodge HS.
Why we started this. "High school teachers are trying to teach us the ability to work as a TEAM and to be responsible for our own actions. These skills are important because in the real world, no one is going to do things for you."
~ Tyler Hussey Change Change:
v. To become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence
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