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civil rights era

No description

joel munoz

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of civil rights era

EVENTS people organizations strategies freedom rides sit ins march on washington montgomery bus boycott freedom rides were when blacks and whites rode busses together and whites rode on the black side and blacks rode on the white part they rode in many states sit ins were inspired by colored colloge students when they went to a diner and werent served cause they were colored and many diners had people just sit in there till they served colored people when around 250,00 people from all over the nation marched in washington dc to hear MLK give a speech now known as the " i have a dream speech" is when blacks stopped riding the busses in alabama till they could sit any where they wanted to this took months sclc kkk black panthers naacp a group of whites that hated colored people and threatened and killed many people an organization of blacks that were known to be dangerous if they had to be and tried to put people they wanted in gov't a church group of people including mlk and 60 other ministers who supported non violence wanted equal rights for colored people in schools and other places MLK rosa parks malcolm X thurgood marshall MLK jr was a minister who ended up leading many groups invovled for civil rights for african americans he was assasinated at age 39 a woman who did not want to give up her seat to a white person and was arrested for doing so and inspired people to boycott the bus another man who fought for civil rights used differnt methods as MLK lead groups as well was assasinated at age 39 an american jurier first african american to serve on the supreme court was a lawyer before that little rock nine civil right acts of 1964 brown v.board of eduction birmingham campaign a group of black students who enrolled in an all white school to get a better education they went through many troubles at that school outlawed unequal segregationand racial segregation in scolls and other places like work got rid of seperate and enequal schools for blacks and whites was made unconstitutional a movement oraganized by the sclc to bring attention to the unequal treat ment of blacks
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