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My School

No description

Roxana Valea

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of My School

My School
Who we Serve
K-12 college prep boarding school for girls with an interest in the sciences.
Section 2
Electronics not allowed in classroom.
Students will have the same education if it is through a pen, paper, textbook and whiteboard with teacher instruction or through computer screen. (Its also not as expensive)
Attendance for K-7 Students
Coursework, Assessment, and Attendance Policy
Gymnasium Prep
Section 1
School Culture
Student Motivation
Parent and Community Involvement
Section 3
Student Assessment
Section 4
The End
Courses to be Taught
Project By
Roxana Valea
Period 4
AP English 4
Student Activities
Location and Entry Requirements
The school was built in Florida, next to Lake George
Entry requirements depend on the grade the student is entering. Our board of admissions goes through all of the applicants and decide on the top 480 students to admit on each of the three levels for the two grade sets.
Learning Environment
The Board of Admissions meet every year on August 4th to make a decision the top 480 student to admit. This process occurs over a series of 4 weeks.

During first week they split the pool of applicants into two groups of k-7 and 8-12. Then on the second week, the admissions team will split the two groups into three levels.

Levels of education placement are bases on all or one of the following: recent teacher recommendation, parent recommendation, required entry exams (for all students K-12), and past grades (if any). The tree levels consist of special need, normal, and advanced or gifted students.

They will then decide on the top 40 in each of the 3 levels for each of the grades to admit to the school. Student that do not make it may apply again the following year.
Students grow up together, create new ideas, form strong bonds together through their achievements and motivate themselves thought their own interests and success.
The school culture developed by the girls at Gymnasium College Prep is made of a growing environment of encouragement and success. Students learn to accept cultural difference, rise to the high level of expectations, and respect each other.
Parent involvement is encouraged for the success of the students and for those that do not have the opportunity of using the dorms.

Although is discouraged for students in the 8-12 grades who are preparing for the real world.

Community involvement is necessary for the schools success and programs.
They are not given the permission to live in the dorms.
Daily attendance will be taken. They are expected to attend every day and must live within close proximity of the school, or they must provide their own transport.
At the end of grade 7, student have the choice to stay at the school, learning science based material. OR they can transfer out of the school.
8-12 Student Assessment
Appeal for all Stakeholders
Education Philosophy
K-7 Student Assessment
Students are assessed for their mathematical skills, reading level, and creativity through art and problem solving.

The student will receive a 1-4 grade in comparison to other student or set standards by the teacher

1 being far below the standard
2 being below standard
3 being at standard (such as the average)
4 far exceeding standard

*Report cards are sent to parent once every three months
Attendance for 8-12
Attendance is not required.
But the teacher will mark down who attendants class or not. And parents will not be notified.

If they think they don't need class, then they also don't need extracurricular activities.

Although, privileges will be taken away if the student chooses not to attend class.

If the student misses their morning class, they will not be allowed to participant in their afternoon extracurricular activates. Or if the student has afternoon classes, they will not be able to participate in their morning extracurricular activities the following day.
No student is left behind. We accept the same number of student from a special needs level, to an average and even advanced or gifted children. There is also a one to four teacher- student ratio.
We reserve the right to fire failing teachers. Teachers are highly respectable and are expected to enthusiastically and patiently educate.
Expectations for average-level students*:

Grade 8: Algebra 1
Grade 9: Algebra 2
Grade 10: Geometry/Trigonometry
Grade 11: Precalculus
Grade 12: Calculus

*Math courses range from math support to calculus 4
All Science Bases in 8-12
Science and Art
K-7 Curriculum
Sports that are Offered
Recreational Activities
Dorm Room Responsibilities
Sports and Recreational Activities
Internship Opportunities
Depending on course schedule, students have the opportunity to participate in the on-campus research facilities.
Student have the option of starting their own clubs. Once 15 or more students have joined the group, the group will become an official club and can become an official school sport when 30 or more have signed up.
Besides the high academic expectancy students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activists, but not required.
Some of the extracurricular activities offered at different times during the school year include gymnastics, dance, competitive cheer, swimming and diving, volleyball, cross country, yoga and pilates, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, track and field, bowling, flag football, lacrosse, water polo, fencing, weightlifting, and fencing.
For those living in a dorm, there are two girls allowed per room. They are responsible for keeping their bathroom, clothing, and dorm room clean. There will be frequent check us on these expectations. Failure to respect dorm room rules will result in termination of extracurricular opportunities.
There are many recreational activities students are encouraged to participate in, including rowing taught during the weekends at the nearby Lake George.
One of the main accomplishments of this school, with the help of the community research institutions, our student have the opportunity to work in hands-on research beginning their Junior year.
Expectations for average-level students*:

Students learn from the curriculum textbook and one assigned book is to be read each year.

Cumulative group projects are to be presented as the class final with a curriculum exam.

Grade 9: World History
Grade 10: The Skeptical Chymist
Grade 11: Origin of the Species
Grade 12: *Cumulative* research paper

*Arrangements can be made
Expectations for average-level students*:

Two books are expected to be read, and analyzed per year. Teachers and students decide on second book to be read outside of class.

Cumulative group projects are to be presented as the class final on one of the books.

Grade 8: Survival of the Stickets
Grade 9: The Selfish Gene
Grade 10: The Double Helix
Grade 11: The Genome
Grade 12: *Cumulative* research paper

*Arrangements can be made
Expectations for average-level students*:

Grade 8: Biology
Grade 9: Chemistry
Grade 10: Biotechnology
Grade 11: Physics
Grade 12: Biology, Chemistry, or Physics 2

*arrangements and changes to this schedule can be arranged
At our school this includes the foundation members, board of trustees, alumni, tax payers, state and federal legislators, and community business and industries.
Students are assessed on their writing and reading abilities, collaborative and leadership abilities, problem solving skills, and research techniques on a 1-10 scale by the teacher, peers, and student.
School Schedule
Students in the K-7 have class from 10 A.M to 4 P.M Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

They have a week break every 2 months, including Christmas/ New Years. They have a two month break in the summer.
Students in the 8-12 grades can have a class schedule from 10 AM to 4 PM or from 2PM to 8PM. They have class depending on professor preference. They do not necessarily have to have classes this entire duration or everyday depending on the class.

Students have a week break every two months including Christmas/ New Years. They have a two month break in the summer in which they can live on campus for a cumulative research project and full time job shadowing experiences.
One on one teacher student help if needed
12-1 student teacher ratio
Girls school
Science based
Almost no homework
Group project bases
On campus internship opportunities
1-10 scale grading
Saturday school, Wednesdays off
Week break every two months
Paid internship summer opportunity
Student teacher job showing experiences
Grades 8-12 have college-like schedule
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