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EcoSystem Mind Map

A mind map to study for my ecosystem's test.

Susan Penny

on 29 November 2010

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Transcript of EcoSystem Mind Map

EcoSystem MindMap Abiotic Elements Sun Water Atmosphere Soil Oxygen Carbon Water is amazing,,, Think of this You have 1,000 pennies

you drop them in a pot.

This pot is very hot,

all the pennies melt.
Then you drop in a

solid chunck of copper. What does it do?

It sinks to the bottum. THIS WILL HAPPEN WITH EVERY
ELEMENT OUT THERE Exept for one Water Water will float.

Water gets BIGGER When it freezes

This makes it less dence, so it can float. So Why Does This Matter? When it is winter out

and a pond freezes.

It does not freeze in the

entire pond Only a Small Part on TOP Freezes prorecting

the rest of the pond

underneth the ice So,

no matter

how cold

it is outside

it is warmer

On the inside of the

ICE Prehaps even warm enough to support life

all winter All most all living things
need water to survive Many things live in water The worlds larget
animal lives in water Most creatures need to have
water in them to live Including Humans Humans can only last
around 3 days without water 75% of the world is water water can
you If it is contaminated All life depends on it Not a single life form
does not need carbon at
all Carbon Cycle Often looks
like a food chain It starts in the
soil Excepet The carbon is used
over and over again It looks at poop No Carbon =No life Shows how carbon
moves through
living things and
their environment I like carbon because
it brought me to life Causes greenhouse
effect When we release carbon
into the atmosphere It builds up Then sunlight enters the
atmosphere When the sunlight wants
to exit the atmosphere It can't because
all the carbon Acts like a mirror reflecting
the sunlight back to earth Trapping the sunlight in the earth Making the earth warmer Hence the name
Global Warming Naturally (makes the Earth
able to support life) But Humans are bringing it
to a unnatural level Breathe Most things need it to lve Some
do not Humans need it to live Plants Single celled organisms
living in extreme conditions Mammals Animals Spit it out as a waste product of their sugar making process Start of all energy
in a food chain Provides light
and life plants use it to
convert carbon
and water into
oxygen and sugar Used to get solar energy Without soil There would be no plants So there would be more carbon and less oxygen There would be no food There would be no food chain There would be no humans is made healthier when
there are decomposers
decomposing things into it Because that provides
nutrients The carbon cycle can start
in the soil When more and more plants
and animals come to an area
and decompose the soil gets
richer and richer Some soil is richer then
other soil Soil inequality Soil under forests tends to be
richer than other kinds Biotic Elements Animals Plants Fungi Multi-celled

Can move on its own

Interacts with its environment

Can only grow so big Characteristics Kinds Predators
Prey Carnivore
Herbavore Have an ecological niche
or an envirnment they fit into consumer primary consumer
secondary consumer
tertiary consumer Native species,
a species that naturally
lives in a place Good Mixed bag Introduced Species,
a species that does not naturally
live in an area but is brought
to live there Bad Invasive species,
an introduced species that
takes over the area it was
introduced to some are edible
decomposers producers Bottom of the food chain
(Not including the sun) help make soil better
when they are decomposed OTHER STUFF Food chains Succession Parts of.. energy source/sun producer(plant) Primary consumer/herbavore/animal Secondary consumer/carnivore/animal Tertiary consumer/carnivore/animal Decomposer engery the arrow shows
the way the energy goes All life is part of
one definition sucession is
the sequence of changes
in the organisms that
make up a community
following a natural or
human disturbance of
their environment Primary Succession definition The gradual growth of organisms in an area where there was nothing
before A new island of lava
getting life for the
first time examples Secondary Succession definition examples The gradual growth
of organisms in an area
that previously had a
number of organisms a forest after a forest fire an island after a hurricane the inside of a volcano
getting life for the
first time Pioneer Species the first species to
come to a new area How many an area can only support
so many lives. The limit of how many lives can be supported is called limits to growth only 10% of energy
is retained when you go to the next level on a food chain energy is used living maintaining
body heat in waste when populations remain steady
it is called an equilibrium changing a factor no matter
how small can stop or make an
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