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Educational Psychology

No description


on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology
Pedro's Case Study:

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
To get your analytical intelligence score, add up responses to questions 1, 2, 7, 8
15+ pts. -- your analytical thinking skills are strong
9-14 pts. -- your analytical thinking skills are average
Under 9 pts. -- your analytical thinking skills are weak

To get your creative intelligence score, add up responses to questions 3, 4, 9, 10
15+ pts. -- your creative thinking skills are strong
9-14 pts. pts. -- your creative thinking skills are average
Under 9 pts. -- your creative thinking skills are weak

To get your practical intelligence score, add up responses to questions 5, 6, 11, 12
15+ pts. -- your practical thinking skills are strong
9-14 pts. -- your practical thinking skills are average
Under 9 pts. -- your practical thinking skills are weak

Intelligence Quiz
Wrap up
1) Capacity to Learn
2) Total knowledge a person has acquired
3) Ability to adapt successfully to new situations and environment

Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences:
The Concept of Intelligence
Pedro's IQ is 85 which is considerable low
The IQ spectrum is between 0-200 from illiterate to genius.
Intelligence tests are typically used to identify developmental delays but is NOT enough evidence to diagnose a child as having a developmental disability.
Researchers say that traditional IQ tests simply do not work as they cannot measure every aspect of intelligence are baised based on race, ethnicity and gender.
Types of Intelligence
Possible Solution to Case
Matteo, Kathy, Shauna & Andy
An IEP would be beneficial for Pedro as he has limited time to study and getting him the proper support that he needs in order to be successful would accelerate his learning
Also an ITP (Individualized transition plan) will be beneficial for Pedro as he transitions to high school.
Case Study Video
Analysis of Case Study
Intelligence Quiz
Intelligence Groups Activity
Wrap up/ Consolidation

In this case study, there is no mention as to what type of learning preferences Pedro may benefit from. However, there are mentions of what is a detriment to his learning ability such as; lack of sleep, distraction from after school responsibilities, perhaps failure to recognize the link between what he is learning and what he does outside of school boundaries.

Overall Suggestion

Speak to Parents (over worked)
Find help parents might need
Performance Plus Program= to help him increase his literacy skills
Providing a variety of assessments
Positive Reinforcement

Learning preferences
- Pedro applies problem-solving skills
within a cultural setting (crystallized intelligence)
- Strengths in logical-mathematical, linguistic, interpersonal intelligence
- Recognizes the practical application of knowledge (running the store)
- His skills seem valuable in this context
- From Stenberg's Triarchic Theory of Intelligence, Pedro shows Practical Intelligence
- Poses a need for teacher to connect 'random facts' to real world for Pedro to retain information (learn) best
Gifted/ IEPs
IQ Score: 85
Stigmatized labeled: Slow learner

Crystallized Intelligence:
the ability to apply culturally approved problem-solving methods
Complicated arithmetic sums in his head
Business letters
Reading complicated instructions for ordering and purchasing
Pedro's Intelligence
Story of Pedro
Gifted vs Talented
Identifying Students who are gifted
--> Pedro demonstrated strong evidence in being an expert at
math for his age. He also demonstrated strong organizational skills, as well as the ability to write complex letters.

Children who are truly gifted are not the students who simply learn quickly with little effort.Despite Pedro’s ability to configure complex math for his age, no evidence demonstrated that he did not have to work hard at acquiring the ability to do so.

Recognizing students’ Special ability:
Teachers are successful only about 10 to 50% of the time. Here are a few questions to guide identification;
- Who can easily manipulate abstract symbol systems such as mathematics?
- Who can concentrate for long periods of time on personal interest?
- Who remembers easily?
- Who developed language and reading early?
- Who is curious and has many interests?
- Whose work is original and creative?

Our Solution
1. Growth Plan
- prior knowledge
- oral assessments, multiple choice, assisted technologies, models
- seated near teacher, parent-teacher interview
Direct teaching
- connections
2.If growth plan is unsuccessful and the student is ‘at risk’ teacher may suggest to test Pedro for a genius and/or put him on an IEP. (Individual Educational Plan)
It is the teacher's responsibility to ensure that the environment allows all students to be successful.

Specifically, for Pedro's case, we have put forth several possibilities to help Pedro succeed.

In every case, the possibilities vary and as educators we must ensure that we research and cater to each individual's specific needs.
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