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black smith

cheryl manley

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of jad

Blacksmith shop This is what I know about the blacksmith shop. how did he get metal? The blacksmith has tools and metal. How did he get a bellow? The blacksmith has a hammer to hammer the metal. How did he get horseshoes? The blacksmith is a vet because if a pioneer has a loose tooth he could pull it out. How did he get his tools? How did he get coal? How did he get his shop? How did he get his sharping tool? How did he make the hammer? How did the blacksmith get a anvil. Glossary Anvil A heavy iron block on which the blacksmith hammered iron. Bellow A gadget made of wood and leather that is squeezed to force air onto a fire. Forge A large open fireplace used by a blacksmith to heat iron to heat,pound,and iron Hammer Horseshoe A metal thing you bang on to protect their foots A round shoe for horses By Jad
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