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Team Oral Presentation

Gabriella Michelle

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Teamwork

Gabriella Michelle Truong Xuan Trinh Gan Jin Guan Ho Yanyan present Contents Albert Bandura's Theory Conclusion Belbin Team Role Definition of Teamwork Leadership Style Working in Team Why work in Team?
Communication in Team
Stages in Group Formation
Conflict in Team
Seven Skills for Teamwork What is Teamwork? A group of people
Working cooperatively
Using accepted rules and procedures
Achieving the goal Working in Team Why work in team? It uses rational arguments to persuade other members of the ideas Develop listening and synthesizing skills Develop problem-solving skills Collaborating with others Encourage and giving support each others Offering the strengths and compensate the weaknesses Communication in Team A positive communication leads to an effective teams Communicate openly and use empathy Be supportive Two communications, openness, trust, respect, and cohesion Strong listening skills Stages in Group Formation Bruce Tuckman 1965 1975 Forming
Performing Adjourning Forming
Performing Conflict in Team Determinants of Conflict in a Team Lose interesting during the project Laziness Dominator Some members are shy Different expection Difficulties Lack of efficiency Solving the Conflict Contribute ideas and solutions
Respect each other
Values ideas and contribution of others
Discuss and participate fully
Decision making
Improvement of plans The Seven Essential Skills for Teamwork Listening Questioning Respecting Helping Sharing Albert Bandura Belbin Team Role Meredith Belbin Leadership Style “A team is not a bunch of people with job titles, but a congregation of individuals, each of whom has a role which is understood by other members. Members of a team seek out certain roles and they perform most effectively in the ones that are most natural to them.” Dr. R. M. Belbin

In conclusion,the seven skills for teamwork is essential in forming a great team Transactional
Transformational Thank You Are there any questions?
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