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Final Project


Jesse Dodgen

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Final Project

Double click anywhere & add an idea Me as an author Descriptive Paper Narrative Paper
Definition Paper Cause/Effect Paper Compare/Contrast Paper This I Believe Paper Course Wrap Up My topic was about remodeling a bedroom at my house. I described the process from start to finish. This remodeling project was the first major project that I attempted as a homeowner. I chose this topic because I have been remodeling my home for the last few years and this was the first room I attempted to remodel. This was the first time I had attempted
to write an essay since I was in highschool back
in the early 1990's. I had forgotten almost
everything I had learned about writing since then. Getting started was the most difficult part of this essay.
I was pleasantly suprised to get a good grade on this essay.
My confidence with my writing was not very high. I did not enjoy writing this paper. I figured that I did it all wrong. It turned out I was partially right, my paper was more of a narrartive paper that a descriptive one.
Jesse Dodgen I came in with low expectaions.
I was hoping to somehow pass the course
with a high grade. New job and hours made class more challenging. I wanted more time to spend on the projects. The biggest challenge was balancing two classes while working sixty hours per week. Choosing the topic for this essay was the most difficult of all them. First Time Dog Owner I chose this topic because we've been considering
getting a puppy this summer. It made me think
of all of the things I went through the first time
I owned a dog. Getting started with this assignment was the hardest part. As I got further into the essay, it became more and more easy to write. This subject brought back a lot of good memories along with some painful ones. This essay was about music downloads.
It explained how the music industry has struggled
since downloads became easy to obtain illegally. I enjoyed writing this paper because I am a huge
music fan. It was great to find out about things
behind the scenes. All of these essays were difficult to write because, besides trying to write about a topic, it was diificult figuring out the format for all
of these subjects. My grammar and preparation
are the two things I think I still
need to work on the most. This subject was the most
personal of all of the essays. This was the easiest topic
for me to write about. The only thing I struggled with was the format. No serious research was done
for this project. It was all fun. I decided to write this paper
because baseball season was just around
the corner and I was feeling upset about
the Cubs before the season even got started. I couldn't figure out why I was feeling this way. I had a difficult time piecing
this essay together. I had a hard time
trying to describe what I was thinking. Writing about this topic was
somewhat therapeutical. It was something
I needed to address one last time and move on. I think my format could have been better.
The wat I desribed things could have been
done a different way. This is the most writing I have
ever done for one class. I'm a little
burned out. I'm glad to be taking
a break. I didn't care for the blogging. My biggest concern to start this
course was having to read my
work in frint of the class. Trying to write about either
the cause or the effect instead of both
was the most difficult part
of this project.
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