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Homestuck => Trolls

*made for school

Addy Frederick-S

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Homestuck => Trolls

Homestuck Trolls Karkat Vantas Aradia Medigo Sollux Captor Tavros Nitram Gamzee Makara Nepeta Leijon Equius Zahhak Terezi Pyrope Kanaya Maryam Vriska Serket Feferi Peixes Eridan Ampora Damara Medigo Mituna Captor Meulin Leijon Latula Pyrope Kurloz Makara Aranea Serket Meenah Peixes Horuss Zahhak Cronus Ampora Kankri Vantas Porrim Maryam Ruffio Nitram Trolls are a race of aliens in Homestuck from the planet Alternia, which exists in a separate universe. They were introduced as a group of twelve internet trolls, who often bothered the kids on Pesterchum, before being revealed as literal trolls.They are the protagonists of Hivebent. They are humanoid and about the same age as the kids. They have gray skin, sunken orange eyes with gray irises; which fill in with the troll's blood pigment as they age. Their most noticeable features are the horns sprouting from their heads, which resemble candy corn. All known trolls have first and last names with six letters each. Each troll is connected to one of the signs of the Zodiac. Each wears a shirt depicting his or her associated sign. Each troll's horns reflect their sign. The trolls have online handles tied to the Greek zodiac and DNA nucleotides. Pre-Scratch (dancestor) Trolls Post-Scratch Trolls Trolls can have many different blood colors, ranging from dark red to tyrian purple, covering nearly all of the rainbow's colors. This is referred to as hemospectrum and serves as the basis of a complex caste system. Ancestors The trolls of Alternia are a nocturnal, aggressive and war-like race. Trolls are keen on such things as galactic conquest, legislaceration, subjugglation, the arbitrary execution of children, and kangaroo courts. What are they? The Handmaid The Summoner The Piioniic / The Helmsman The Signless / The Sufferer The Disciple The Dolorosa Neophyte Redglare Marquise Spinneret Mindfang Executor Darkleer / The Expatriate The Grand Highblood Orphaner Dualscar Her Imperious Condescension / The Condesce / The Baroness *dancestor- decendant and ancestor combined
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