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gym project

No description

young alex

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of gym project

active self
personal self
spiritual self
social self
healthy life
I choose to live a healthy life because, being healthy is a good thing and it will make you live longer
To make my life active I play all kind of sport but I mostly play hockey, i also go to the gym to be healthy. By playing sport it will increase my health by allot.
For personal health I eat healthy by health I mean, eat lots of fruits and veggies. For personal self you have to respect your body and watch what you eat. and you have to respect your body by not doing drugs.
To be spiritual to your self you have to help other no matter what you religion is you have to be nice to others and help them out when they need it.
Last but not least to be a healthy living person you have to be social talk to other make friends.
I am active person, I play lots of sports during school and after school. I also really enjoy going to the gym. I included these pictures representing my active, spiritual, social and personal self because in all of the categories I chose the best picture that fits in my life. I put picture of stuff I do.
By: alex desmarais
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